What are the Message Delivery Areas (MDAs) for the Iridium paging service?

Iridium divides the world up into geographic regions called Message Delivery Areas (MDAs). MDAs are fixed geographic locations that donít change and may be land, sea or air based. Customers select MDAs so that the Iridium network knows where to deliver paging messages.

Global Paging Coverage Codes
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MDAs By Regional Maps†† ... download

North America, Central America; portions of South America, the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans
(PDF: iri_care_docs-north - 1 Page 416KB)

Detail of the Caribbean and surrounding areas
(PDF: iri_care_docs-caribbean - 1 Page 112KB)

Central America, South America;†the Caribbean Sea; portions of Antarctica, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
(PDF: iri_care_docs-central - 1 Page 240KB)

Europe, Africa, the Middle East; portions of Asia the Atlantic, Arctic, and Indian Oceans
(PDF: iri_care_docs-Europe - 1 Page 535KB)

Detail of Europe, Middle East, and surrounding areas
(PDF: iri_care_docs-middle - 1 Page 264KB)

Africa, the Indian Ocean; portions of Asia, Antarctica, the Atlantic Ocean
(PDF: iri_care_docs-africa - 1 Page 345KB)

Detail of Western Africa and surrounding areas
(PDF: iri_care_docs-western - 1 Page†96KB)

Asia, Australia, the Indian Ocean; portions of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans
(PDF: iri_care_docs-asia - 1 Page†464KB)

Detail of Southeast Asia and surrounding areas
(PDF: iri_care_docs-southeast - 1 Page†136KB)

Australia, Indonesia, the Indian Ocean;portions of portions of Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean
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International air travel routes
(PDF: iri_care_docs-aeronautical - 3 Pages†145KB)

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