The Iridium Router-Based Unrestricted Digital Interworking Connectivity Solution (RUDICS) is an enhanced gateway termination / origination capability for circuit-switched data calls across the Iridium satellite network.
Using Iridium RUDICS over conventional PSTN circuit switched data connectivity or mobile-to-mobile data solutions:
  • Eliminates the need for analog modem training
  • Increases connection quality
  • Maximizes throughput and protocol independence
  • Allows mobile originated and mobile terminated calls to be charged at the same rate.
How It Works
iridium_RUDICS.jpg Remote applications use AT commands to control a circuit-switched, data-capable Iridium Subscriber Unit (ISU). The remote application dials a customer-specific Iridium number, assigned and provisioned by Iridium, which connects the call through the Siemens D900 switch to the RUDICS server. The ISU is authenticated using Calling Line Identification. Once authenticated, the call is routed over the terrestrial connection to a pre-configured Internet Protocol (IP) address and port at the Value Added Remote (VAR) service host application server. The RUDICS equipment supports the following service types: TCP/IP encapsulation, PPP, and MLPP.

The host application can make a Mobile Terminated call by opening a Telnet session to the RUDICS server. Once this is authenticated, AT commands connect to the remote ISU and establish a circuit-switched data call. Connectivity between the Iridium gateway and the VAR host application server can be via the Internet, the Internet with Virtual Private Network, Frame Relay, or a T1/E1 Leased Line.

RUDICS also offers capability for multi-link Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), in which multiple ISUís can send data simultaneously across an N x 2400 bps PPP connection.


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