Keep in touch and track your personnel and assets wherever they are - on land, at sea, in the air
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Iritrack is an embedded real-time tracking and security system that delivers two-way data and voice communications in one single device. Based on Iridium's global and permanent satellite coverage and unmatched network quality, Iritrack meets the requirements for highly reliable tracking and communications anywhere on the planet.

Iritrack provides cost-effective, low-latency data transmission for worldwide tracking and resource management combined with high performing two-way voice communications for security handling. Tracking assets and keeping in touch is critical whether transporting goods or working on land, across the oceans or in the air. Iritrack ensures efficient and secure operations by providing accurate, continuous tracking and communication, even in remote locations where terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure is inadequate or unavailable.
Iritrack acquires and records an asset's GPS position at a configurable rate and stores the positions in its internal memory. Reports are being transmitted to the OTP server database at preset intervals or upon request.
Voice communications
The key feature of Iritrack is the hands free two-way voice call function with its inbuilt microphone and loudspeaker. A voice call can be activated either by the HQ calling the Iritrack or the Iritrack holder activating the button placed on the device to call a preconflgured phone number.
Furthermore, it is possible to make a silent listening call at distance in order to determine the status of the asset after reception of an alert (doubt dispelling).
Alert system
Iritrack features a manual and an automatic alert system:
  • Manual alert: The Iritrack holder launches an alert at a touch of one of the buttons on the device.
  • Automatic alarm: In case of critical situation, without the Iritrack holder's intervention:
  • G-Force Meter: Iritrack sends an emergency position report to the OTP if the asset suffers a violent impact.
  • Inclinometer: Iritrack sends an alarm in case of abnormal leaning of the asset.
Key Benefits
  • Global: User defined tracking anywhere in the world with OTP
  • Voice: Two-way communications anywhere on the planet
  • Safe: Automatic and manual alarm system for immediate assistance
  • Flexible: Live tracking, asset management, geofencing, security and emergency system
  • Performance: Improvement of security services, productivity and profitability
  • Complete: Full turn-key tracking management solution
Iritrack was initially designed to provide tracking and safety lifeline for racers on the world's toughest desert rally. Today, this system is mandatory on several internationally renowned rallies. Iritrack meets the need for health and safety communications allowing drastically reduced response times to emergency situations, especially in remote locations.
  • GPS position recording based on configurable setting mode: time slots, motion detection, and predefined zones
  • 500 possible geographical waypoints for geofencing
  • Speed control
  • FIFO memory with internal storage capacity of 131,010 positions and status information (SBD)
  • Configurable frequency from 1 second to 18 hours
  • Optimised memory management when the asset is stationary
Voice Communication
  • Hands free two-way voice call function
  • Phone function towards a preconfigured phone number by pressing the Phone button on the Iritrack
  • Automatic pick-up call function for silent listening (doubt dispelling)
  • Manual alert: 2 configurable alert buttons for emergency situations, mechanical incidents etc.
  • Automatic alarm: embedded G-Force sensors and inclinometer detect violent impacts and abnormal leaning
Manual alerts and automatic alarms are being visualised on the OTP - Online Tracking Platform and are entirely configurable towards SMS or email addresses.
  • Aluminium case
  • Dimensions: 170 x 125 x 48 mm - 6.69 x 4.92 x 1.89 inches
  • Weight: 886g
  • IP64 protection and waterproof compliant Environment
  • Operating mode: -30C to +60C / -22F to +140F
  • Storage: -40C to +85C / -40F to +185F
  • Cold start: -148 dBm
  • Navigation: -165 dBm
  • Refresh rate: 1 Hz
  • Accuracy: Position 1.8m - Speed: 0.1m/s - Time: 50ns Iridium
  • Voice/Data/SBD Modem 9522B L-Band Transceiver
  • Low-latency transmission
External power supply
  • Input DC 7-48V
  • ISO-7637 international automobile standards
  • Reversal of polarity and over voltage protection
  • 4 'on-off control' switches
  • Configurable Input/Output
  • Associable with preconfigured phone numbers
OTP - Online Tracking Platform
Our complete tracking and management solution with advanced administration, monitoring, mapping, geofencing, reporting and further M2M, SCADA, and other special options.
Accessories and options
  • Mounting accessories: GPS and Iridium antennas, power cable and bracket with damping system
  • Optional handset
  • Optional PIEZO external buzzer 12V, 110 dB
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