Iridium Global Paging Service

Only Iridium Global Paging Service offers global paging and messaging services. Iridium Global Paging Service uses the Iridium constellation of 66 satellites to enable subscribers to receive numeric and alphanumeric paging virtually anywhere on the planet, from cities to remote areas.

Users select the location where messages should be delivered. Location selection ensures delivery of all messages to the Iridium† 9501 Pager, to the Iridium† phones and other Iridium messaging enabled devices. If a message is missed, subscribers can retrieve and resend missed messages. Wherever you may be, you can always be in touch through a single contact number.

What do I do if I receive a Missed Message notification?
Subscriber needs to call their personal mailbox to request re-transmission of the missed message. Select option 6 from the personal mailbox functions to retransmit message.

What are the Message Delivery Areas (MDAs) for the Iridium paging service?
Iridium divides the world up into geographic regions called Message Delivery Areas (MDAs). MDAs are fixed geographic locations that donít change and may be land, sea or air based. Customers select MDAs so that the Iridium network knows where to deliver paging messages.
A complete listing of all Message Delivery Areas you'll find here .

Senders transmit messages via Internet or email free of charge here .

Follow-Me Paging

Coupling the pager with an Iridium Satellite phone, Iridium Global Page is the ultimate message delivery system. If a caller can't reach you because your phone is busy or switched off, Iridium Global Page Service automatically prompts the caller to leave a voice mail or numeric message. Your pager notifies you that a message has arrived.

Messages follow you where your Iridium Satellite phone is located. If you are on the move, it is as simple as turning on your phone. The system knows where your pager is when you turn on your Iridium Satellite phone.

Senders transmit messages via Internet or e-mail free of charge here .

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