7 BGAN Promotions  



We offer a set of 7 promotions to help you develop your BGAN business:

  • Minimize cost for new customers.
  • Encourage end-users to try the service and/or terminals.
  • Lead end-users to use IP background traffic thanks to special promo plan.
  • Build up pilot projects by enabling end-users to test the service.
  • Promote Scratch & Web prepaid cards and provide customers with a control tool to generate more IP traffic.
  • Encourage existing customers to migrate to BGAN.



Welcome package 120 MB IP traffic for free

Key benefits:


  • 120 MB background IP traffic free for one year (10 MB per month).
  • Enjoy IP applications for free: email, web, FTP, etc.
  • Possibility to combine with the Easy Access Promotion.

Terms & conditions:
  • Available - requires confirmation.
  • Limited to 200 packages.
  • SIM card to be activated on a Standard plan for 12 months minimum.

MBs for free promotion. No fixed fees and free traffic

Key benefits:
  • Zero monthly fee - requires confirmation.
  • Zero activation fee.
  • Get 100MBs background IP traffic for free.
  • Traffic to be used before limit date.
  • SIM is committed to standard Plan for one year.

Terms & conditions:
  • Available until 100 SIM cards are achieved.
  • Only on specific SIM cards.
  • Regular conditions of the BGAN Standard tariff scheme for other services.

Background IP promotion. Very attractive IP traffic

Key benefits:
  • Buy background IP traffic and get additional for free.
  • Zero monthly fee & Zero activation fee.
  • Specially suited to fleets of terminals: background IP traffic valid  over a group of SIM cards.
  • Traffic flexibility.

Terms & conditions:
  • Traffic - requires confirmation.
  • Limited promo: first come, first served.
  • Available on specific SIM cards.

E4 SIM. Free use SIMs for 3 or 6 months

Key benefits:
  • Help close pilot projects.
  • Free amount airtime
  • depending on scope of project
  • depending on type of traffic applications  tested (background IP, voice, SMS, Streaming up to 256 kbps, ISDN).

Terms & conditions:
  • Available - requires confirmation.
  • Free airtime amount, duration and number of SIM cards on case by case basis.
  • Customer feedback & testimonial.
  • Pilot SIM contract.

HNS Loan Program. Free HNS loan for 4 months

Key benefits:
  • Free HNS terminal loan for 4 months.                        
  • Flexibility: after 4 months, return or keep the terminal for half price.
  • Possibility to combine this promotion with the Welcome Package.

Terms & conditions:
  • Valid - requires confirmation.
  • Limited to 100 HNS terminals (1 per company).
  • SIM card to be activated.
  • Terminal loan terms & conditions.

Migration promotion

Key benefits:
  • Specific subsidy to migrate from GAN or RBGAN to BGAN
  • depending on current used traffic
  • depending on number of terminals.
  • Flexibility: airtime or hardware subsidy.                       
Terms & conditions:
  • Available - requires confirmation.
  • Quantity and price on case by case basis.




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