EX4U Telecom -  creating wireless solutions that meet the emerging needs of the marketplace. We do not see a limit to human intellect and innovation. This is why we provide products, support and services, that help our customers increase and achieve.
The keys to our success are simple: our vision off technology and the values that we live by every day.

Quality and reliability has driven us to adhere to established standards. We control the hardware and software platforms we’ve build our business on.

This is why our customers’ data remains secure, user connections flow through our units seamlessly without service interruptions and we honor our customer’s loyalty with each passing day.


EX4U solutions are designed from inception to secure your mission critical wireless traffic, reduce complexity and drive down costs. The freedom of mobility, as delivered securely by EX4U Telecom, gives you access to critical data from any wireless device - with an added bonus: Peace of mind.

Wireless solutions from EX4U Telecom deliver on the promise of freedom. Freedom to untether you, reduce costs, supercharge productivity and increase your return on investment across the board. We deliver the same things that everyone else promises. With one MAYOR difference: your most valuable asset, proprietary data that took years to collect, remains secure from prying eyes asit travels through the airwaves. Your secrets remain yours. We help you increase and achieve – securely.

Only VPN on the market to seamlessly integrate with Windows® OS.
  • Wireless firewall
  • Strong 128-bit encryption
  • Only routes authenticated clients


E4 Wireless Virtual Private Network (VPN) will advance the 802.11 standard to the next level, making the technology a viable solution for a secure corporate world. Integrating a Wireless Access Point with a VPN server in order to provide a turnkey solution that minimizes the impact of deployment on current network infrastructure.
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