Custom designed Multi Channel Iridium Modems to meet specific requirements. The multi-channel modem can be a mix of A3LA-D, -DP, -DG or -DGP ranging from 2 channels up to 24 channels. Picture to the right is an example of a four-channel, 19"-rack-mount modem capable of both voice and data. The status of each internal modem is displayed on an LCD screen in the front panel. It is designed for long-term, continuous operation and, thus, each modem has an internal micro-controller to manage satellite link avoiding system lock-up.


Small, Low-Cost Iridium and GPS Antennas

Portable Bolt Mount Iridium Antenna
Model SYN7391-C
Dual Iridium-GPS Antenna
Model SAF7352-IG

Iridium Antennas

Mast Mount Antenna
Model SAF5350-A

Mast Mount Antenna
Model SAF5350-B

Rod Antenna
Model SAF5350-C

Bolt Mount Antenna
Model SAF2040-A

Bolt Mount Antenna
Model SAF2040-B

Magnetic Mount Antenna
Model SAF5340-A

Magnetic Mount Antenna
Model SAF5340-B

Portable Magnetic Mount Antenna
Model SYN7391-A
Portable Bolt Mount Antenna
Model SYN7391-B

GPS Antennas

Active GPS Antenna  Model SAF5270-G
Dual Iridium-GPS Antenna  Model SAF4070-IG


DPL Audio Handset
Model DPLS0401-X (2-meter cable)
Audio Handset for 9522B Series
Allows 9522B Modems/Trackers to Place Voice Calls

Car Adapter
Model LA-7021

LiIon Battery Charger
Model SYN-FR-416AH

DB25 Data Kit
Model HRC-24-8

DC-to-DC  Converter
Model SYN-DC-936

RF Splitter

AC Adapter
Model LA-2098

LiIon Battery Pack
Model SYN-LI-416AH

Antenna Cables

AC Adapter
Model LA-3098

LiIon Batteries
Model SYN-4AH
Model SYN-8AH
Model SYN-12AH
Model SYN-16AH

Antenna Tripod