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Our selection of global machine-to-machine (M2M) services enables you to monitor and manage your remote assets.

Whether you need full visibility of your transport fleet, or to backhaul data from a remote corner of your utility network, or simply to connect your SCADA applications, we have an M2M solution to help improve your operational efficiency.

IsatM2M is a two-way burst messaging service that enables a wide range of machine-to-machine applications for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets on a global basis – whether on land, at sea or in the air.
This next-generation satellite telematics service is based on Inmarsat D+ and offers fast data forwarding rates, quicker responses to polling requests and shorter time to first transmission.

Global coverage

  • IsatM2M is available across the globe, apart from the extreme polar regions.

Performance and latency

  • Speeds of 10.5 or 25.5 bytes in the send direction and 100 bytes in the receive direction, with latency typically between 30 to 60 seconds.

Reliable network

  • Operates over Inmarsat’s global satellite network, with an availability of 99.9 per cent.

Lower costs

  • Competitive hardware and airtime packages compared with rival satellite services.

General applications

  •     GPS location data look-up-and-send
  •     SCADA
  •     Short message email


  •     Asset tracking
  •     Fixed monitoring – remote surveillance
  •     Fixed monitoring – remote telemetry
  •     Fixed monitoring – remote tracking
  •     Friendly force tracking
  •     Mobile monitoring – remote surveillance
  •     Mobile monitoring – remote telemetry
  •     Mobile monitoring – remote tracking
  •     Remote personnel tracking


Land mobile
Monitoring of speed, direction, fuel consumption and engine activity delivers improved visibility and management of your vehicles. Drivers and equipment enjoy greater safety and security thanks to two-way messaging and applications with built-in panic buttons. Meanwhile remote surveillance of cab or containers ensures theft and waste are minimized.

Supports monitoring, tracking, control, logistics and security of:

  • Road and rail consignments
  • Heavy equipment
  • Leisure vehicles
  • Perishable goods containers
  • Hazardous materials.

Safety and security at sea are paramount. IsatM2M not only complies with international regulations for threat notification and long-range tracking, but crew also have access to two-way messaging. It can also help optimize logistics by monitoring vessel speed and heading, fuel capacity and engine activity.

Supports monitoring, tracking, control and security of:

  • Merchant ships
  • Fishing fleets
  • Leisure vessels
  • Containers
  • Drift buoys

Fixed / SCADA
Keep a constant check on the status and security of your assets, and send commands remotely to manage equipment such as video cameras or environmental controls. Provides you with data for improved maintenance scheduling and disaster prevention, as well as reducing your production costs.

Supports monitoring and security of:

  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Fixed tanks
  • Well reservoirs
  • Compressors
  • Air transport

Provides support for:

  • M2M applications
  • Security applications
  • Secure tracking
  • Aircraft monitoring
  • Logistics planning for efficient fleet management.

  OTP - Online Tracking Platform for all terminals click here...

IsatM2M Coverage

The IsatM2M service is a global service - delivered seamlessly and reliably everywhere in the world within the full footprints of the Inmarsat-3 and Inmarsat-4 satellites.


The map depicts Inmarsat's expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service.

The availability of service at the edge of coverage fluctuates depending on various conditions.


The IsatM2M service and terminals are available from EX4U Telecom, your Inmarsat Service Provider & Point of Service Activation.

EX4U Telecom provides you with broad base of applications available for tracking as well as monitoring and advice about custom applications that are supported by IsatM2M.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about IsatM2M terminals, services and applications.




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