SatTalk II is an airborne Iridium satellite telephone
. SatTalk can be used anywhere in the world at any altitude to originate or receive telephone calls in your aircraft. Internet access and e-mail is also available any where in the world. Dial-up or Direct Data connections are also supported.

The Iridium phone (see 9505A) itself is easily removable and will function outside the aircraft using its built-in antenna

Can I use my aviation headset with SatTalk?
Yes, SatTalk uses your existing headset for audio communication with the phone.

Does SatTalk support helicopter headsets?
The SatTalk controller supports helicopter headsets using either standard one plug to two plug adapters or helicopter jacks and plugs connected to the DB-25 connector. Or the SatTalk controller may be hard-wired into the helicopter audio circuits.

Does SatTalk support military low-Z headsets?
A special model of the SatTalk controller supports low-Z military headsets with any extra external impedance converters. Specify the -MIL version. Appropriate jacks and plugs must be connected to the unit's DB-25 connector.

Can I use a handset in a quiet cabin?
An optional handset with holder is available. This cabin kit also includes a small speaker to generate rings on an incoming call. The phone can be located in either the cockpit or cabin. All calls must be dialed on the phone itself.

Can I use the SatTalk for data?
The data capabilities of the Iridium system are available in two modes. You can dial a number which available to Windows computers at an average speed of 10,000 baud using a data compression kit available from Iridium. This kit includes an adapter that supports a 9 pin D connector to connect to the serial is a modem (ISP or corporate E-mail) and you will connect at 2,400 baud. Direct Internet access is port on your computer.
Or you can use for EX4U SkyFile.

What happens if ATC calls when I am on the phone?
If you haven't gotten permission to go "off frequency", you will hear ATC (Air Traffic Control) activity during a call. If you turn up the radio volume, ATC will be heard over the phone call. Simply respond, if the ATC call is for you, using your normal push-to-talk switch.

How do I return to the phone call when I am done with ATC?
Simply continue talking when you are done with ATC.

Can I exclude ATC during a call?
Yes, if you get permission to go off frequency, simply turn on the Quiet switch on the SatTalk controller. (This switch can be remoted). This switch disconnects any incoming audio (radio or intercom) so you can make calls without any interruptions.
Will SatTalk work with portable intercom systems?
Yes, SatTalk will function with most portable intercom systems.

Does SatTalk support the built-in Bose X headsets?

There are connections on the SatTalk controller to support the Bose X built-in connector.

Does SatTalk support stereo headphones?
If the SatTalk controller is off, full stereo from an entertainment system is sent to your headset. If the SatTalk controller is on, the left and right audio signals are mixed together and sent to both ears.

Can SatTalk be hard-wired to the aircraft and belocated out of sight?
The DB-25 connector on the SatTalk audio controller allows it to be connected to the aircraft's headset jacks and power and placed out of sight. An existing headset would be plugged into the current jacks. The Quiet switch and power switch can be mounted on the aircraft's panel. A 337 form or equivalent is required for this type of installation.

How do I know when there is an incoming call?
You will hear a brief telephone ring in your headset and the phone will automatically answer. Just say, "Hello" when you hear the ring sound.

Single channel antenna

Dual channel antenna

What must be installed in my aircraft?

Only the antenna for SatTalk must be installed on the aircraft. This antenna carries an FAA TSO and is suitable for pressurized aircraft. The antenna is cabled to the Iridium phone. The phone and the SatTalk audio interface are portable equipment and can be easily removed from the aircraft. They are powered from a source of 12 to 30 volts DC such as a cigarette lighter connection.

How long can the cable be between the phone and the antenna?
The maximum loss in the cable is 3db. There are cables that are available that can exceed 60 feet in length and still be well below 3db of loss.

How close can the antenna be to a GPS antenna?
We recommend that there be 12" of separation between the Iridium antenna and the GPS antenna.

Can the Iridium phone interfere with GPS?
The L band used by Iridium is 45 Mhz above the L band used by GPS. GPS receivers have a filter to reduce interference from nearby frequencies.There has been in use. However, FAA regulations regarding portable devices require that the pilot determine that any portable device has been no measured effect upon GPS receiver accuracy or performance when the phone does not interfere with nav, comm, autopilots, etc..

How does SatTalk connect to my audio panel?
You plug the SatTalk audio interface into your existing headset jacks and plug your headset into SatTalk. There are provisions on the SatTalk controller to hard-wire it to the aircraft's audio system.

Is there a fail-safe mode for SatTalk?
Yes, when power is removed from SatTalk, your headset is connected directly to your aircraft radios. There is a power switch on the SatTalk audio controller.

Can I power the phone from aircraft power?
The DC adapter will both run the phone and keep the battery fully charged during flight. There is a jack on the SatTalk controller for the DC adapter.

What does the phone weigh?
The phone with battery weighs 14oz (0.4kg). SatTalk weighs the same.

Can I receive text messages with SatTalk?
The Iridium system supports Short Message service (SMS) which allows you receive a message up to 120 characters. The message can be sent as e-mail or through the EX4U web site. The delivery is immediate if your phone is on or it will be delivered when you next turn on your phone.

How does the phone mount in the aircraft?
The phone itself (Iridium 9505A) can be mounted using a clamp made by R-A-M. Numerous mounting techniques can be used to secure this clamp to the aircraft including a yoke mount.