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Thuraya's satellite services offer seamless and superior, yet affordable connectivity.  Whether in marine outposts, remote industrial sites, or even between patchy service networks, Thuraya users are able to keep in touch in ways never before imagined.

Designed to complement existing GSM networks and expand usage beyond conventional network coverage areas, Thuraya's mobile satellite services offer a broad range of services that include voice, data, fax, short messaging, GPS through its dual mode handsets.

With a speed of up to 144 kbps on a shared channel, ThurayaDSL facilitates Internet services to Thuraya subscribers anytime and anywhere in Thuraya's coverage area. For people at sea, Thuraya Marine service is the ideal solution for maritime customers in need of integrated voice and data/fax services.

Thuraya's Rural Communication services offer a quick, reliable and cost effective means of providing telecom access to remote and rural areas characterized by low population densities, highly scattered settlements and difficult terrains.  These payphones are an important link between remote communities and industrial centres in Thuraya's coverage area.
In addition, Thuraya's diverse range of services include Tracking Solution, Aeronautical and Satellite Capacity Leasing that cater to a wide variety of user segments in its coverage area.














Compact broadband terminal

ThurayaIP delivers broadband IP services up to 444 kbps and advanced video streaming up to 384 kbps using a highly compact, ultra lightweight terminal in more than 120 countries. EX4U Telecom Solutions optimize and control ThurayaIP connectivity.

ThurayaIP satellite modem offers Broadband Data Service through a highly compact, ultra lightweight and advanced satellite terminal. As the world's first and only Mobile Satellite Service to support 384 Kbps streaming IP, ThurayaIP offers superior ‘Always on' super quick Internet access even from the remotest regions in more than 120 countries in the world.

A generation ahead in design and performance, ThurayaIP satellite broadband modem combines ultimate performance with a customized rugged design and protection to sustain rough usage. It is very portable and easy to setup - a simple plug and play mechanism that comes with user friendly graphical user interface.

ThurayaIP is ideal ...

  • For single users using bandwidth-hungry applications, such as transmission of store and forward video, live video and video conferencing.
  • For small teams who need to set up a temporary office with broadband connectivity from standard to various data applications.
  • Corporate customers
  • Government agencies
  • Media
  • Non Governmental Organizations

ThurayaIP Key benefits
  • Broadband data: IP service at speeds of up to 444 kbps.
  • Streaming - Advanced streaming capacity from 16 kbps to 384 kbps on demand for bandwidth hungry applications like video streaming.
  • Cost-effective: competitively priced compared to existing broadband data services.
  • Remote Connectivity - Broadband access to your corporate network, for up-to-date and instant access to company and customer information.
  • Email - Send and receive email via the Internet or other email applications.
  • File transfer - Send and receive large files.
  • EX4U  Telecom Solutions: unrivaled value-added services to complement the basic satellite connectivity.
  •  Choice of multi performance options - Access your data applications with multiple performance options to suit your various operational requirements:
  • "Standard" background IP service with bandwidth of up to 444 Kbps for Internet access, etc.
  • Dedicated streaming IP services ranging from 16 Kbps to 384 Kbps for bandwidth hungry applications like video streaming.
  • Absolutely Portable - Exceptionally small in size (A5 size), ThurayaIP can be easily moved across locations and set up instantly.
  • Highly Competitive - Offers the most attractive and competitive service with volume based charging via various bundling options and unlimited usage price plans.
  • Robust - Conforms to IP 55 standard ingress protection standards; enabling outdoor installation in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time.
  • Unmatched Flexibility - Easy to use in both portable and semi-fixed environments. Instant LAN setup through multi-user support allows an entire team to share a single unit.
  • Convenience- Simply connect ThurayaIP to a laptop, point to the satellite and enjoy satellite Broadband services.
  • Stand Alone - Easy to setup and start working- no laptop or PC is required to navigate setup. An embedded button and LCD in the terminal guides you through the whole setup control.
  • Complete security with GmPRS encryption algorithm (GEA2) - Connect seamlessly via your preferred VPN application.
Plug & Play
Simply connect the ThurayaIP terminal to a laptop, point to the satellite and enjoy satellite broadband connectivity. Easy to use, the device does not require any software installation.


The ThurayIP  package includes:
  • ThurayaIP satellite modem
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • AC power adapter
  • Universal power adaptor
  • CD with USB driver
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
   Weight 1.3 kg terminal and battery
   Size 150 x 240 x 50 mm (A5 size)
   Operating temperature Running from external supply: -25 °C to +55
Running from battery: 0 °C to +50 °C
   Water and dust-proof Conforms to IP55 standard ingress protection
   Input voltage 12 volt DC
   Battery Lithium-Ion. Battery life: up to 36 hours standby time; 1 hour of continuous transmission at the highest rate
   External power Main power supply adapter, 100-240 V AC at 50-60 Hz
   Connectors Data interfaces: Ethernet (RJ 45), USB, WLAN/WiFi (IEEE 802.11b standard with WEP encryption)
External antenna connectors: GPS, active and passive antenna
   User interface
User-friendly web interface via standard web browser
   Operating system Windows: 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista
Macintosh: OS 9, 10.1 or later
Linux: Redhat 9
   Compatible internet browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer: 6.0 or later for Windows
Netscape: 7.0 or later
Mozilla Firefox: 2.0 or later
Safari: 1.2 on Mac
Thuraya Handheld Services    



Setting standards with new generation sat phones

Combining cell and satellite networks via state of the art handhelds, Thuraya guarantees seamless, high quality communications in more than 140 countries in Europe, most of Africa, the Middle East, and central & south Asia.

Key benefits:

  • All-in-one smart phone integrating satellite, GSM, GPS and GmPRS, providing full convenience & mobility.
  • Continuous Internet connectivity at speeds of up to 60 kbps with new generation GmPRS-enabled Thuraya handsets.
  • State of the art equipment, using breakthrough technology.
  • Lower costs than any other satphone currently available.
  • With SkyFile® Mail over Thuraya compress email, faxes and SMS by up to 90% before sending.


Breakthrough technology, full-spectrum services

Key features:

  • All handsets offer voice, data, fax, SMS & GPS (global positioning system).
  • New generation Thuraya GmPRS-enabled handsets deliver continuous internet connectivity at speeds of up to 60 kbps.
  • The SG-2520 integrates satellite connectivity and GSM mode, allowing you to switch from one network to another depending on your location.
  • Light & compact, Thuraya handsets are small enough to easily fit in a pocket or handbag.


Minimum size, maximum technology

Thuraya has developed three handsets using break-through technology to deliver the very best in handheld satellite communications solutions.

Thuraya handsets are the first and only mobile satellite handsets to offer GmPRS (Geo mobile Packet Radio Service), delivering continuous internet connectivity at speeds of up to 60 kbps.

SG 2520 XT Dual
Weight 193 g
170 g 211 g
H x W x D mm
128 x 53 x 26.5 138.5 x 53 x 18.8 139 x 53 x 27
System satellite, GPS satellite, GPS, GSM satellite, GSM 900/1800/1900, GPS
Connectivity USB
Bluetooth, Infrared, USB USB, Ear Jack, Battery, DC Power
(up to)
6h 2h40 satellite
4h GSM
(up to)
80h 40h satellite
75h GSM

satellite up to 60h
GSM up to 160h

 Thuraya_XT_front.jpg   thuraya_tsg2520.jpg   thuraya_xtdual.jpg 

Thuraya XT

The new rugged handset

The Thuraya XT satellite phone is one of the best communication options for your work or travel in the Middle East, Africa, Central or East Asia. More about Thuraya...

The new rugged Thuraya XT handset is one of the smallest and most durable satellite phones in the world.


Thuraya SG-2520

Smart Features. Stylish. Compact

Among the world's smartest and lightest dual-mode satellite mobile phones (weighing in at 170g), Thuraya SG-2520 offers dynamic performance, attractive styling and innovative features.

Thuraya SG-2520 is an advanced "smart phone" with 3-in-1 integrated technologies (satellite, GSM tri-band
and GPS) combining quality and performance.


Thuraya XT Dual

All New

Thuraya XT-DUAL is a dual mode phone that works either in GSM mode (900/1800/1900 MHz) or in Satellite mode.
With Thuraya XT-DUAL you can simply switch between Satellite and GSM modes which gives you highest flexibility to find a network wherever you may go. Thuraya XT-DUAL operates efficiently when you are within the reach of GSM networks and when you move to a location with no GSM coverage you can simply switch to the robust Thuraya satellite network.


  • Thuraya satellite voice services
  • Always-on Internet access (GmPRS) 60/15 Kbps (down/up)
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Voicemail
  • GPS Waypoint navigation
  • Fax and Data at 9.6 Kbps

  • System: Thuraya only
  • Dimensions: 128 x 53 x 26.5 mm (5 x 2.1 x 1.04 in.)
  • Weight: 193g (6.8 oz)
  • Rugged construction: IP54/IK03 standards (dust protected, splash-water resistant, shock proof)
  • Battery: Talk time up to 6 hrs, stand-by time up to 80 hrs*
  • Display: 2 in / 262,000 colors, antiglare surface.
  • USB Connectivity
  • Compatibility: Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT
  • 12 languages support including English and Spanish.
  • Organizer including calendar and alarm functions.
      *Depends on phone usage.

In the box
  • Thuraya XT satellite phone
  •  Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • USB data cable
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Wall (travel) charger 110/220V
  • User manual
  • Hands-free earset
  • SIM-card (if plan selected)

Your new Thuraya phone comes with a prepaid plan, so you don't have to worry about credit checks or security deposits.




The SG-2520 is GPRS-enabled, meaning you can access internet and download/upload information via satellite in Thuraya's coverage area or in GSM cellular mode.

Camera Phone Functionality
A1.3 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom allows you to capture special moments and share them with friends and family as an email attachment or MMS. A streaming media feature enables you to play video clips and slide shows in real time. Personalize the interface according to your taste with a choice of colors, images, screen savers and ringtones. An impressive high resolution, 262,000-colour display enables easy viewing of the phone's multimedia applications.


  • System: Satellite, GSM Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
  • Enhanced GPS Feature
  • Memory: Internal Up to 128 MB  - External SD memory card
  • Dimensions: 138.5 x 52 x 18.8 mm   (h x w x d)
  • Weight: 170g
  • Display: 262,000 colours
  • Resolution:176 x 220 pixels (1.9 inch)
  • Camera: Integrated 1.3 megapixel
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (1.1), USB (1.1), Infrared Port (1.1)
  • GmPRS capabilities:
  • Satellite mode Downstream: up to 60 Kbps*  -  Upstream: up to 15 Kbps*
  • GSM mode  Downstream: up to 85.6 Kbps*  -  Upstream: up to 42.8 Kbps*
  • Fax and Data at 9.6Kbps: (circuit switched)
  • Operating System: WinCE 4.2
  • Micro browser: HTML, WAP 1.0, WAP 2.0
  • Languages: Supports 12 languages
  • Battery:
    • Satellite Mode:  Talk Time up to 2.4 hrs**  -  Standby time up to 40+ hrs**
    • GSM Mode:  Talk time up to 4.0 hrs**  -  Standby time up to 75 hrs**

*Depends on the operator network configuration and radio access technology used.
** Depends on phone usage.

 * Requires optional data cable
** Requires Network support MiddleEast:   Iraq Kuwait United Arab Emirates Iran Syria Afghanistan African Countries (and Capitals): Morocco - RabatWestern Sahara - El Aaiun Mauritania -Nouakchott Senegal - Dakar TheGambia - Banjul Guinea Bissau - Bissau Guinea -Conakry Sierra Leone -Freetown Liberia - Monrovia Cote D'ivoire - YamoussoukroMali - BamakoAlgeria - Algiers Niger - Niamey Burkina - Ouagadougou Ghana -AccraTogo - Lome Benin - Portonovo Nigeria - Abuja Cameroon - YaoundeEquatorialGuniea - Malabo Sao Tome and Principe - Sao Tome Gabon -Libreville Congo -Brazzaville (not covered) Zaire - Kinshasa (notcovered) Uganda - Kampala Kenya- Nairobi (not covered) Somalia -Mogadishu Digibouti - Digibouti Eritrea -Asmara Tunisia - Tunis Libya -Tripoli Chad - N'Djamena Central African Repulic- Bangui Egypt - CairoSudan - Khartoum Ethiopia - Addis Ababa


Thuraya XT-DUAL holds an IP64/IK03 ingress protection rating which means the phone is splash water, dust and shock proof and it provides the most advanced features on any satellite enabled handset. The GPS functionality allows waypoint navigation and an included tracking function enables you to automatically transmit your coordinates to monitor your location.

In addition, with the press of one button, the GPS Emergency Helper can send SMS messages with the current GPS coordinates to predefined numbers in case of an emergency. The Tracking and Emergency functions are important safety features that can be essential in emergency situations.

The phone also uses a battery saving technology to provide a long lasting talk time of up to 11 hours and standby time of up to 160 hours in GSM mode. The advanced outdoor color display allows easy readability even in bright sunlight.

The XT-DUAL contains a High-Penetration-Alerting (HPA) system which allows you to receive incoming calls even in satellite mode when the antenna is retracted. That means you can easily and comfortably put the phone into your pocket knowing that you can still be reached in satellite mode with the HPA system.

Other features and functionalities include: Internet Browser, Bluetooth, 2GB Micro SD, Media Center, Organizer, Java support, PC synchronization and many more. Please see the full list of features in the product feature section.

Display     2" (5cm) outdoor color display with brightness sensor 262k colors
GPS     - Waypoint navigation
             - Emergency SMS
             - Tracking capability
Internet     Via built-in Internet Micro Browser directly on the phone or via connected laptop/PC
GmPRS     Up to 60/15 kbps (download/upload)
Fax and Data     9.6 kbps (Circuit Switched)
Ingress protection     IP64/IK03 standard (splash water, dust, shock proof)
Battery talk time     In SAT mode: up to 6 In GSM mode: up to 11h
GSM up to 160
Battery standby time  In SAT mode: up to 60h  In GSM mode: up to 160h
Power Supply     5V / 2A (with EU/UK/CHN/AUS adapters)
External Interfaces     USB Data Cable (UDC), Ear Jack, Battery, DC Power
Memory     Internal: 320 MB
External: 2 GB Micro SD included
PC compatibility     Windows 7/Vista/XP
GSM Roaming     More than 300 Roaming partners worldwide
Handsfree operations     Via Bluetooth and Earset
Smartphone features     Organizer, Calculator, Converter, Stopwatch, World time, PC synchronization, Media Center (Images, Audio files, Video clips), MP3 audio player
Languages     English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Italian, Turkish
Messaging     SMS, MMS, e-mail, fax
External programs     Java supported
Network features     Conference calls, Closed User Group, Fixed Dial Number, Call barring, Call divert etc.
Phone security    Via PIN-code and Security code

thuraya_tmarine.jpg    Thuraya_tpco2110.jpg   thuraya_tdsl.jpg


You are never at sea with ThurayaMarine

ThurayaMarine delivers high-performance, seamless communication for all types of maritime vessels travelling throughout the Thuraya satellite footprint.

It enables seafarers to access a broad range of communication solutions and applications, whether aboard motor or sailing boats, yachts or commercial vessels. Make voice and data calls, connect to the Internet, or send SMS, fax and email - wherever you are afloat.


ThurayaPCO 2110

Affordable Communication
for Remote Communities

ThurayaPCO 2110, the satellite-based Public Calling Office from Thuraya, is a cost-effective but feature-rich solution for under-served and rural areas.


Stay Connected. Anytime, Anywhere

ThurayaDSL satellite IP modem offers 'always on' high-speed GPRS packet data communications. The ThurayaDSL terminal is light, compact (notebook-size) and user-friendly, offering speeds of up to 144kbps on a shared channel.

ThurayaDSL facilitates Internet service delivery to Thuraya subscribers, anytime and anywhere within Thuraya's coverage area of more than 140 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa.
EX4U Telecom offers a wide range of accessories that complement Thuraya phones and products. Thuraya accessories are designed to enhance mobility and communication while facilitating usage of Thuraya products.
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Handheld Thuraya

                  Voice, Fax, and DataServices

  Standard Thuraya Data Kit Features:
  • Internet/Data Access rate is 9600bps
  • Send and Receive Faxes at a rate of 9600 bps
  • Thuraya-to-Serial-Adapter cable (9-PIN type, optional adapters for PCMCIA and USB available)
  • Remote GPS tracking feature on your PC
  • (10 GPS positions stored in phone, downloadable to your PC)
  • Thuraya software CD is compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000
EX4U customers have free access to the powerfull features of the SkyFile Mail / Video Software , supporting all Windows Versions and most other OS.
Portable Solar Power Solutions

EX4U Telecom offers different sizes of portable rugged solar panels. The smallest is a Solar Port panel built into a belly pack with a built-in rechargable battery. Charge the internal battery by day and you can recharge most small electronics with DC charger accessories anytime day or night! The belly pack is large enough to carry any of our handheld sat-phones, too. If you need more power,our 25-Watt Tri-Fold is a great choice. The largest panel is a 48-Watt 12-fold panel that is extremely compact.



Perfect for small electronics such as our satellite phones! The innovative SolarPort 4.4 offers an energy alternative to keep your cell phone running, your GPS tracking and your digital camera recording images. SolarPort 4.4 allows you to charge electronics via USB, and its durability is unprecedented. Take advantage our cable free 12 volt connection in the hinge, and link up to three units together to increase power output. Lightweight but sturdy, our SolarPort 4.4 could mean the difference between a life saving phone call or a dead battery. Use the included rapid charger to juice-up your rechargeable batteries away from home.

• 19 oz. , 9.3"x6"x1.5"
• Max output: 4.4 watts (265mA @ 12V position and 530mA @ 6V position)
• Includes BattJack AA/AAA battery charger
• Polycrystalline solar panel construction
• Reverse flow protection
• 6V / 12V depending upon the position of the voltage selection switch
• USB output (5V 500mA) · Vehicle outlet in the hinge
• 20" extendable power cable with an exchangeable adapter plug in hinge
• Link up to three units together for even more output
• Designed for small electronics like PDAs, GPS units, satellite & cell phones and
digital cameras














Solar power solutions are designed for applications where weight and size are at a premium.
We recommend combining an appropriate panel with a rechargeable battery. This way, you can charge slowly all day and use the power anytime. Batteries can be trickle charged and can supply higher levels of power when you need it.

6-Watt Model:

  • Open Size: 29 1/2 x 9 x 1/32 in (75 x 23 x 0.08 cm)
  • Closed size: 5 x 9 x ½ in (13 x23 x 1.3 cm)
  • Weight: 7 oz (0.20 kg)
  • Output: 6.5 W, 12 V, 433 mA (max)
  • STACKABLE: Up to 3 can be connected for 18 Watt max.


12-Watt Model:

  • Open Size: 29 ¼ x 16 x 1/32 in (75 x 40.6 x 0.08 cm)
  • Closed size: 5 x 9 x ¾ in (13 x 23 x 1.9 cm)
  • Weight: 13 oz (0.36 kg)
  • Output: 12 W, 12 V, 800 mA (max)
  • STACKABLE: Up to 3 can be connected for 36 Watt max.

26-Watt Model:

  • Open Size: 21 3/8 x 42 x 1/32 in (54 x 107 x 0.08 cm)
  • Closed size: 8 ½ x 11 x 1 in (22 x 28 x 2.5 cm)
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs (0.77 kg)
  • Output: 26 W, 12 V, 1400 mA (max)
  • STACKABLE: Up to 3 can beconnected for 72 Watt max.
  • 26-Watt Panel shown (folded up) shown with optional PowerBase external battery


  • Alligator clip adapter for charging car batteries
  • Cigarette Lighter barrel adapter for equipment with auto accessory chargers
  • Mini-Barrel plug multi-adapter
  • Compatible with our PowerBase NiMH rechargeable battery (not included)

Thuraya Services
EX4U Telecom ofers Thuraya services on winning performance-based awards running for years.
Core Services 
Thuraya Add-on Services  

Thuraya Prepaid Service

Thuraya Postpaid Service

Thuraya online services:
credit card recharge, SMS, online refill, etc.
Thuraya SMS Info
Thuraya Email service
SkyFile® Mail
SkyFile® Video (ThurayaIP)

Thuraya XT
Thuraya SG 2520
Thuraya XT Dual
Thuraya Accessories
FDU 3500
Sattrans VDA
Sattrans docker

Thuraya online services:
Mail, online storage, credit card recharge, online refill.
ThurayaIP PoP & MMP
Terralink Standard
Terralink IP Adressing
Terralink Data Manager
Terralink Data Manager Live
Terralink Interconnect

SkyFile® Mail
SkyFile® Anti Virus
Scratch & Web
ThurayaIP terminal (HNS)
ThurayaIP Accessories
External antenna DS 1426
External antenna DS 1535



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