Iridium SMS
Iridium's Everywhere SMS service offers mobile customers the only reliable lifeline to quickly and easily communicate critical information with employees and loved ones anywhere on the planet. Messaging service is two-way, allowing Iridium users to send, receive, and respond to messages that are stored for up to seven days on the network and automatically delivered when phones are powered on.
How It Works
To send a message to an Iridium phone:
  • Online visit
  • Email address it to the Iridium phone (ex. 8816[number]
  • Mobile phone address to the full Iridium phone number

To send a message from an Iridium phone:
  • Follow the instructions provided in the quick start guide and user manual
  • To send to a mobile phone, include the full number (00 or +, country code, phone number)
  • To send to an email address, store the full email address in phone (Iridium 9555 only)
  • Global and reliable
  • Efficient method to send updates and information across time zones
  • Send and receive up to 160 character messages (up to 1000 characters with the Iridium 9555)
  • With the Iridium 9555: enhanced message composition using predictive text input
  • Message notification
  • Message storage
  • Message expiry setting
  • Message delivery report setting
Additional information for Online Messaging click here .


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