PharostarTM  Stay connected at sea
Our new global maritime VSAT service on Ku-band uses iDirect technology for reliable broadband communication at sea.
  Key benefits
  • Keep crew connected at sea with an always-on service.
  • Simultaneous voice and data communications: users can use the phone and data connection at same time.
  • Easy to use, off-the-shelf technology; based on iDirect technology.
  • High speed up to 1024 kbps: IP protocol over satellite optimized to increase efficiency.
  • Unlimited use for a fixed monthly fee at competitive prices.


  • Enjoy unlimited and cost-efficient broadband at sea
  • With an always-on connection, Pharostar™ provides simultaneous voice and data communication at up to 1024 kbps.
  • Standard applications: Internet access, Email, Voice with CIR (PSTN quality).
  • Business applications available with upgraded options: PSTN quality on VoIP, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Database backup, Prepaid Voice.
Feature Standard Service Premium Service Options
Coverage Global Regional, Multi-Regional, Global
Service Levels 3 options
12 options
Voice over IP 1 voice line with CIR (PSTN quality) 2 voice lines with CIR (PSTN quality)
Lay up option Not available Available - 1 month minimum, max 3 months per 12 months commitment


  • High performance with stable equipment
  • The vessel is equipped with an advanced technology antenna system, with above deck and below deck units.
  • The equipment is designed specifically for maritime use and is stabilized to withstand extreme environments at sea. Thrane&Thrane's Sailor 900 VSAT, as well as Intellian and Seatel are type approved for the Pharostar network.
Above deck equipment Below deck equipment

Stabilized Antenna

  • 1 Meter Ku-Band VSAT Antenna
  • Quad Band LNB
  • Latest antenna software version needs to be installed for Automatic Beam Switching 

Antenna Control Unit
19 inch rack mount unit
Interfaces satellite modem and ship’s gyro with ADU
Monitors and controls antenna

iDirect modem
Integrated satellite modem, IP router, TCP acc.

VoIP Router
For voice calls over the satellite into the PSTN network

Equipment Rack and UPS

    seatel_4006_antenna.jpg     seatel_ 4006_onboard.jpg      seatel_antennas.jpg                            

Outdoor unit (inside)    seatel_4009_abovedeck.jpg          seatel_belowdeck_units.jpg Indoor Unit models



Get more with these first class Solutions

Pharostar™ service comes with a professional pack of Solutions:

SkyFile® Mail: reliable, secure and cost-efficient data transmission via email, e-fax and SMS.

SkyFile® Anti Virus: full protection from malicious software such as viruses, spyware etc.

SkyFile® Weather: customizable weather information, including high resolution images.

SkyFile® eNOAD: create & transmit regulatory forms, in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and national VMS.

SkyFile® Access:   free FTP space to exchange large files, webmail & web browsing.
Universal Card™: prepaid voice calling, (SMS, email & web usage – available soon).

Satellite Direct Plus®: place highly cost-efficient fixed-to-mobile calls.

Terralink™ Interconnect: a range of professional IP features to manage data communications and for secure access to corporate networks.

Terralink™ Data Manager*: set firewall-filters, administrate account profiles & select traffic priorities.

*Via Southbury teleport, global coverage soon

  Whats new

More choice today! With the range of flexible global maritime broadband packages.

EX4U Telecom, a leading independent provider of global satellite-based mobility services, is pleased to announce the launch of the new range of global maritime broadband packages seamlessly integrating Ku-band VSAT and MSS airtime service and hardware, to offer the best value for money and choice in terms of maritime broadband satellite communications currently available in the market.

From a 256 Kbps VSAT airtime only package up to 1 Mbps VSAT plus MSS airtime and hardware back-up package, maritime customers can select the combination of service and equipment best fitting their communications needs while getting the flexibility to upgrade to a higher bandwidth plan or next generation satellite service during or after the contract terminates.

Out of the large range of packages, the broadband package is recommended to fit most demanding communications needs of merchant vessels with regard to crew and business communications:
  • Unlimited 256/128 Kbps Ku-band connectivity with PharostarTM incl. a choice of Ku-band antenna, such as Sea Tel, Intellian and the upcoming Thrane & Thrane Sailor 900.
  • Global coverage, with extended Ku-band coverage in Indian and Atlantic South expected in 2011 and 2012.
  • XChangeTM Service plus professional Solutions pack (i.e. SkyFile Mail, SkyFile Anti Virus, Prepaid Solutions and more).
  • Choice of MSS hardware and airtime for back-up (Iridium Open Port or Inmarsat FleetBroadband).
  • 3 year contract with vessel lay-up and bandwidth upgrade options.
  • Possibility to migrate to next generation Ku- or Ka- band services when available.
Seamlessly integrating VSAT, MSS voice and broadband data into one unified global maritime communications network, XChangeTM provides a fully-managed service platform offering a set of unrivalled solutions for maritime customers to interconnect onboard IT with the corporate network on shore:

Deploy quickly and easily on-board crew communications, including an internet café-like, content sharing platform.
Manage ship communications and IT infrastructure from shore.
Enable cost allocation and split billing for business applications on board.

Our new global maritime broadband package is available through our network of Elite partners and certified service providers.

  XCHANGE, maritime broadband bundle Pharostar with Fleetbroadband 250 or 500 or Iridium OpenPort, see here...


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Pharostar Coverage Maps

pharostar_default cov1.jpg

Pharostar Default Coverage Map


Pharostar Coverage Map with a 1 m antenna


Pharostar Coverage Maps with a 80 or 60 cm antenna


Pharostar Coverage Maps combined with FleetBroadband


Pharostar Coverage Maps combined with Iridium OpenPort



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