Satellite broadband services for banking and finance

Introducing Inmarsat

  • Market leader for over 30 years
  • Global broadband coverage
  • Mobile voice and data services >On land, at sea and in the air
  • Constellation of Geostationary satellites
  • 1-4 satellites fully deployed
  • 1-5 satellites under development

Trusted by governments worldwide.   Secure, reliable, global communications.

  • Seamless communications between army, navy and air force
  • Interoperability across multinational, coalition forces
  • Compatibility with key encryption devices



Relied on by Aid agencies globally.  Helping to save lives.

  • Integral role In disaster relief
  • Restores essential communications immediately
  • Enables rapid coordination of relief effort
  • Provides safety and security for staff in the field

An evolving portfolio.   Meeting customer demands.

  • Enabling customers to do business in the field as if they are in their corporate office
  • Providing a reliable network anywhere and everywhere
  • Tailoring our services and working with partners to deliver solutions that go beyond basic connectivity


Grow customer base and increase loyalty.   Always-on, secure IP broadband data.

>   Establish remote branches with ubiquitous broadband IP connectivity via BGAN Link

  • Removes the need to rely on local telecom operators
  • Extends your suite of financial services to rural areas
  • Ideal for standard office-type applications such as email, internet and intranet access, and VPN access to corporate networks

Grow customer base and increase loyalty.   Ubiquitous, secure broadband and two-way IP data.

>   Offer mobile banking services for ATM's with BGAN

  • Auto tracking mobile terminals
  • Light and discreet antenna
  • No IT knowledge is required for on-board maintenance
  • Stay close to your clients

>   Extend reach with BGAN M2M ( HNS9201M2M & HNS9502M2M )

  • Remote, fixed ATM connectivity
  • Point of Sale (PoS) transactions

BGAN network benefits.   Unrivaled performance and reliability.

  • Inmarsat services offer global IP connectivity
  • Delivered via the world's most reliable global mobile satellite communications network with 99.9% availability
  • IP technology seamlessly integrates into your IT operations
  • Plug and play deployment with no technical expertise needed



Cost-effective solutions

Predictable set-up and ongoing costs

>   Reduce costs

  • Low capex BGAN terminals 'Always-on' - pay as you use
  • Control your budgets with subscription packages
  • Replace all branch telecom, fax and IT equipment with a single BGAN or BGAN Link satellite terminal    

>   BGAN Link can be used as an alternative to VSAT

  • High data allowance packages for fixed monthly subscriptions

>   Remain in line with new, high-speed technologies

  • Up to 492kbps via a small, light­weight satellite terminal (Latency: 800Ms return)

Highly secure banking services

>   Establish an end-to-end (VPN) tunnel & encryption between branches, ATMs and bank head-office    

  • Use existing off-the-shelf encryption equipment
  • Set up a private closed user group

>   Full suite of 'last-mile' connections

>   VPN, leased line; mobile-to-mobile (BGAN to BGAN)

>   Inmarsat is an encrypted Class 1 military network

>   Inmarsat offers control / monitoring tools

>   Reinforce your network with VSAT backup


Remote branch connectivity

  • Extend your services to new customers
  • Offer mobile banking services to clients in remote areas
  • BGAN and BGAN Link(1)can connect multiple IT equipment, tellers, ATMs with a single satellite terminal
  • Enhance online banking services

Note:  BGAN Link discount offer available for customers in Latin America / Sub-Saharan Africa until May 2013.


Typical connection to bank HQ.   Remote branch and ATMs.

BGAN or BGAN Link between remote branch and head office can also be established.

For advanced fixed, mobile and satellite secure & encrypted networks see our YES Secure Network options.

Increase ATM network and PoS transactions.   BGAN M2M connects technology.

>    Fixed ATM - at kiosks, fuel stations, supermarkets in rural and remote areas

>    Point of sale (PoS) at remote tourist areas - where fixed cellular networks are limited or non-existing


Financial transactions via satellite.   Point of sale connectivity to HQ via BGAN M2M


BGAN M2M typical monthly usage.   Tailor subscription to your data consumption

>   How many ATM/PoS transactions can BGAN M2M monthly packages offer?

BGAN M2M subscription No. of ATM Transactions per day(1) No. of PoS Transactions per day(2)
2 MB 80
5 MB 200
10 MB 43 400
20 MB 210 800

(1) Exact number may differ from one ATM to another based on the exact size of an ATM transaction and poll frequency. Above estimates are based on an ATM transaction size of 2 Kilobytes and a poll every 70 seconds
(2) Based on an average POS transaction size of 800 Bytes.


Case Study

>   The customer: Opportunity International of Ghana

>   The issue: the bank needed to have the means to offer banking services to clients in remote locations

>   The solution:
• A mobile bank was developed that uses an ATM, teller and finger-print machine to help clients in remote locations undertake banking services
• Two vans were equipped with BGAN units that were connected to all equipment via a router that helped establish a secure end-to-end tunnel via a VPN

"We decided to adopt BGAN after carrying out extensive trials. It's the only service that allows us to reach out to ^ people in remote and less developed communities to provide fast, secure and reliable mobile banking services. "
Inmarsat-Head of Banking Operations/Opportunity.


Inmarsat services overview    -   Broad portfolio to meet your communications needs

>  BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network)

  • Voice and IP-based broadband data service at a rate of up to 492kbps in addition to SMS, ISDN and Streaming IP capabilities

>  BGAN M2M ( Machine to Machine -- HNS9201M2M  & HNS9502M2M )

  • Broadband two-way IP data connectivity

>  BGAN Link

  • Broadband IP data at fixed monthly packages of 3, 5, 10 or 15 GB

>  IsatPhone Link

  • Low-cost, reliable and high quality fixed voice service in subscription-based packages

Value Added Services

> Closed user group

  • Provides a secure end-to-end link via BGAN and optional YES Secure Network - CompuWall & CryptoGuard - creates a private, complete secure and encrypted network between your bank branches and mobile units (Satellite/3G/4G/WiFi).

> Remote control

  • Using a web based application, you can remotely monitor and control BGAN connections

>   Facilities (OTP) to monitor, locate and track mobile ATMs online

Note:  These VASs are available through EX4U Telecom service for mobile and fixed (goverment approved/certified) high level encryption to the banking and finance sector.

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