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Ruggedized BGAN for Remote SCADA Applications
The Ranger is a class 3 BGAN terminal with a ruggedized mechanical enclosure build for long term outdoor all weather installation. It is designed for SCADA applications in remote unmanned location. The firmware is specially designed such that it can provide reliable and stable BGAN connectivity continuously for long period without user intervention. At the same time, the PDP context of the Ranger can be activated or deactivated remotely via SMS. The Ranger comes in two variants: one with heater for operation from -40C to +75C and one without for operation from -20C to+75C.


Standard BGAN features

  • Simultaneous voice & data communications
  • Data rate of up to 384 kbps
  • Built-in Ethernet and Analog Phone interfaces
  • Supports voice, email, messaging, VPN, FTP, VoIP, FolP and video media streaming
SCADA features
  • Enhanced firmware for reliable continuous long term BGAN network connection
  • PDP activation/deactivation via SMS
  • Ruggedized (IP65) mechanical enclosure for prolonged outdoor harsh weather installation.
  • NEMA Type 4X Corrosion Resistance
  • Enhanced Vibration and Shock Resistance
  • The Ranger brings BGAN technology to the field of remote unmanned SCADA applications. It comes with an enhanced firmware that provide reliable continuous 24/7 operation and connectivity with the BGAN network.
Remote SMS Control
  • The PDP context of the terminal can be activated/deactivated via SMS which allows for remote activation/deactivation which provides cost saving.
Controllable via AT commands
  • The Ranger can be controlled via AT commands. When used with an embedded computing device with preprogrammed AT commands software, it can be programmed to perform various communication function with the BGAN network.
Autonomous M2M operation with OTP
  • This terminal can be seamlessly integrated with the OTP, which is a M2M application enabler. The OTP is our online Asset Tracking, Fleetmanagement, M2M/SCADA management and documentation platform. Together, they form a platform whereby SCADA applications can be implemented and used.
All Weather
  • With IP65 and NEMA Type 4X compliance certifications, the terminal is fit for long term outdoor installations in all weather conditions.
Liberating Communications


Technical Specifications
Frequency Band: Receive: 1525MHz - 1559MHz Transmit: 1626.5MHz - 1660.5MHz

Antenna Type: Built-in patch antenna

Bearer Data Rate: Receive: 384 kbps (Max) Transmit: 240 kbps (Max)

GPS Air Interface: Integrated GPS receiver and antenna

Streaming IP: 32 kbps, 64 kbps

Ethernet / LAN: 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Port

Phone: 1 x RJ11 Analog Phone Port

Application Support: VPN Client, VoIP, FolP, MPEG Streaming, Email, Messaging, Conferencing, Web Browsing

Operating System Support: Microsoft Windows, WinCE, Linux, Mac OS

  • Operating Temp: Non Heater: -20C to +75DC -40Fto167F Heater: -40Cto+75DC -40Ftol67F
  • Operating Humidity
  • 953 (non-condensing at 40C or +104oF)
  • Storage Temp: -40C to +80"C
  • Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% (RH)
  • Water & Dust: IP65
Electrical: DC Input: 15 Vdc (power adapter)

Power Consumption: Standby: 6 W - Operating: 22 W - Heater: additional 20 W (max)

Weight: 1.5 Kg/ 3.3 lbs

Dimensions: 305x186x49 mm 12x7.32x1.93 in

Certification of Compliance: CE FCC, IC (Industry Canada), CSA (Safety mark - cCSAus), IP65, NEMA Type 4X. RoHS

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