High Speed Broadband Communications On The Move   

EXPLORER 727 is a high-speed, vehicular broadband terminal. It consists of three fully integrated units – a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna.

Whether you’re engaged in defense, humanitarian operations, live radio or TV broadcasts or telemedicine, you need rapidly deployable communication equipment you can always rely on.

Broadband-on-the-Move: Constantly tracks satellite positions and makes high-speed connectivity and communication possible – even at speeds in excess of 200 km/h
Mobile communication hub: Place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle to turn it into a complete mobile communication hub. Provides access to the internet and phone networks instantly.

User Friendly Setting up your EXPLORER™ 727 is quick and easy. The system automatically finds the BGAN satellite after power-on. Just plug in a phone, fax, laptop or PDA, or use the wireless Bluetooth interface and you are online. Whether driving halfway up a mountain or in the middle of a desert, you have access to:

  • Phone and fax services
  • Internet, FTP, SFTP
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Large file transfers
  • Internet browsing
  • Video conferencing and streaming
  • Corporate servers via VPN
  • Secure voice/data connection
  • YES Secure 3G, 4G, WiFi, encryption
  • EX4U-mobile VoIP
  • EX4U-IP Network Cameras


Specifications   Features
User interface:  Power On/Off button, DC power input connector with Remote on/off and locking mechanism, Status LED for Power, Transceiver Antenna, Messages, Activity, Link and PoE,, T&T web interface, Factory default reset
Telephone Functionality
  Languages (web user interface):  UK, FR, DE, ES, RU and CN
Message Indicaton
Approvals CE, GMPCS, FCC, Inmarsat Land Class 10 Type Approval (Vehicular) Restricted Dialing
Dimensions (H/W/D) Transceiver: 42,5 x 231 x 273mm / 1.67 x 9.72 x10.63 inches   -  Antenna: 152xØ477 mm 6.3 x Ø18.76 inches
Traffic Logging
Weight Transceiver: 6 kg / 13.2 lbs   Antenna: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
Standard IP up to 492 kbps
Setup & Router Functionality

Streaming IP

BGAN X-Stream

32, 64, 128, 256 kbps (256 kbps @elevation >45º on the move / >5º on the pause)

Minimum 384 kbps on the pause

Admin Control (password protected)
ISDN UDI 64 kbps / RDI 56 kbps (@elevation >20º on the move / >5º on the pause) DHCP
 160 charaters SIP server
Standard voice 4 kbps AMBE+2
Premium voice 3,1 kHz audio, 64 kbps (@elevation >20º on the move / >5º on the pause)        
Build-in NAT Router
Operating temperature -25ºC to + 55ºC/-13ºF to + 131ºF
Point-to-Point Protocol
Elevation guaranteed service:
Works above 5° elevation
Network Management
Ingress Protection
Transceiver: IP-31/Antenna: IP-56
Remote Management
4 x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet LAN RJ-45 interfaces with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
2 x RJ-11 analogue phone interface  &  1 x RJ-45 ISDN interface
5 x I/O connector with General Purpose I/Os
1 x BGAN SIM-Card slot
Power over Ethernet (PPPoE)
Transceiver, TNC-Socket, Female  -  Antenna, TNC-Socket, Female
Power DC input range: Power (max) @ 10.5-32V.: 10.5 to 32V
150W (incl. antenna & PoE output)
Inmarsat BGAN frequencies
Receive (RX): 1525.0 - 1559.0 MHz
Transmit: 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz
Recommended antenna cable
Cable loss max / min
20 dB @ 1.62 GHz & 1 Ω DC loop resistance
3 dB @ 36 MHz-4 dB @ 54 MHz
Notes Product meets or exceeds Inmarsat specifications for operation on the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN).  Product performance depends on a wide range of factors and actual usage.
Environmental Conditions
Operational (ambient):  -25 to +55°C / -13 to 131°F            Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C / +104°F
Survival:                        -40 to +80°C / -40 to 176°F            Water and dust (IP-rating):  Transceiver: IP31  -  Antenna:   IP56
Storage:                        -40 to +85°C / -40 to 185°F


  Package Includes
  • Fully Integrated Electronic Explorer 727 Tracking Antenna, Color: Desert tan
  • EXPLORER® 727 Land Vehicular Transceiver
  • EXPLORER VoIP Handset w/ Cradle & Coild Cable
  • Ethernet Cable between Transceiver and Cradle (5m)
  • Standard Ethernet cable (5m)
  • Getting started kit - Quick guide, CD (LaunchPad & T&T software & Installationsmanual)
  • External Cable Mounting Kit
  • 12/24VDC Input Cable , 6 m
  • Antenna Cable, Coax w/TNC connector, (2,7m & 8 m/ 8.8ft & 26ft)
  • Antenna Mounting Kit (Fixed / Rail)
    Accessories:  Explorer 2 wire handset - Magnetic mount (antenna) - Antenna cables (coax. TNC/TNC): 8m, 14m, 50m
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