BGAN Frequently Asked Questions  
  What is BGAN ?
  BGAN is the short term for "Broadband Global Area Network". It is comprised of a network of three satellites owned and operated by Inmarsat. These three satellites are in stationary orbit around the planet so that no matter where you are, you may always connect with one of the satellites, except for the polar regions. Inmarsat has been a leader of global satellite communications services since 1981 and we are offering to you all certified BGAN terminals and services in a very competitive price range, full warranty,  with top level support and training to our customers.
  Where does BGAN work ?

Please see here the coverage maps (global and spotbeam) for BGAN services.
   BGAN_network_coverage.jpg         bgan_F4_spotbeam_coverage.JPG
  How much does the service cost ?

We have several pre- and post-paid plans for single or multiple BGAN SIMs available and we recommend you speak with one of our representatives to choose a service right for your needs. Calling is charged for outbound calls only, and you are not charged for incoming calls, although costs are charged on the calling party.

BGAN Broadband "always on", service charges for Megabytes transferred and it does not charge for connection time, "no per-minute costs".

  How fast is BGAN ?
  BGAN has different Internet speeds depending on the kind of terminal and speed selection at the Launchpad software for terminal manegement. Testing in on a HNS 9201 showed speeds between 300 to 420Kbps in both directions. Latency, or ping times over the BGAN network are between 900 and 1200 milliseconds. Latest ping test was on a BGAN located in Costa Rica pinging a USA website that showed a 950 milliseconds ping time in June, 2011.
  How do I make calls using a BGAN phone ?

All calls made from the BGAN phone are considered "International" calls. If you've never done it before, making these calls can be a bit confusing. This tutorial will help you make your first call, as well as how to call a BGAN phone from anywhere.

Every BGAN systems is assigned a 9 digit telephone number and a 3 digit International calling code number. Many BGAN systems that support faxing are also assigned similiar number. These numbers are unique and can be called from any phone on the planet. If you do not know your BGAN phone number, please contact us.

Making a call FROM a BGAN phone

To make a call from a BGAN phone into the United States, dial 00 and then the country code you are calling (506 for Costa Rica or 1 for the U.S.), and then the area code , and then the phone number. Also, you may need to finish the number by pressing the # key on some BGAN Explorer models.

Example 1  Calling a U.S. Phone Number from a BGAN Phone: 00 1 305 403 9894 #

In this example, 305 is an area code in the U.S., and the # key on the phone is sometimes used to tell Inmarsat you have finished entering the phone number.
For calling to another country:
Dial the country code then the full phone or fax number.

Making a call TO a BGAN phone

To call a BGAN phone from Costa Rica, dial  00 870 or from the United States, dial 011 870,  then the 9 digit BGAN phone number. Note that 870 is the Country Code for all Inmarsat BGAN phones.

Example 2  Calling a BGAN Phone from Costa Rica: 00 870 xxxxxxxxx

For calling a BGAN phone from outside the United States please follow standard procedures for placing an international call using 870 as the Country Code you calling to. (870 is the country code for ALL Inmarsat BGAN phones).

If you need assistance, you may use an operator to help connect. You only need to know the 870 country code and the 9 digit BGAN phone number for the operator to connect you.

Please note while the BGAN account will not be charged for any incoming calls placed to it, the calling party WILL pay for satellite BGAN phone rates. Charges widely vary between local phone providers from $1.50 to $10 U.S. per minute. The calling party can call their provider and ask for their plan rates to "Inmarsat" which is its own Country Code. The Country Code number is "870".  We offer a two stage phone access to all satellite services, directly form your home/ofice or mobile phone
. Avoid paying any exorbitant per-minute fees, contact us for more information.

Example 3  Calling a BGAN Inmarsat phone:

1. Under "Where are you calling from", select the country you are calling from.
2. Under where are you calling to, select "Inmarsat". It isn not a country, but Inmarsat is listed.
3. Click on Submit.
4. On the screen that appears, you should have the prefix numbers before the 870 Inmarsat internatinal number and then the 9 digit BGAN number.

Example 4   Calling from a BGAN Inmarsat phone:

1. Under "Where are you calling from", select "Inmarsat".
2. Under "Where are you calling to", select the country you are calling.
3. Click on Submit.
4. On the screen that appears, choose the pull down window labeled “City Info…” and choose SNAC (Single Network Access Code). That number and the 9 digit BGAN number should connect you.

  How does the telephone service work ?
  A great feature on BGAN terminals is the excellent voice calling. Each terminal (or sim card in the terminal) is assigned two unique telephone numbers (phone & fax if available). There are several phones (accessories) to choose from. With our YES SECURE® you can use your BlackBerry, Android or iPhone, for IP based encrypted calls, contact us for details. Using the HNS 9201, you may connect a normal telephone/fax to an optional terminal adapter and make or receive calls. This is not VOIP software, but a normal phone that gives you caller ID and a dial tone. Preferring VoIP software and service, contact us for a wide range of  services for mobile VoIP, IP PBX, Unified Messaging, FollowMe, VoiceMail, Fax, and more.
  How does the Fax service work ?
  Only the HNS 9201, the Explorer 500 and 700 have faxing ability. On the HNS 9201 you need the addition of the terminal adapter accessory. Making or receiving faxes is just as easy as making calls.
  Can anyone point the terminal ?
  Yes, each terminal has detailed instructions on how to point it toward the satellite. They all have an audible beeper that raises in pitch when the satellite is found. Simply get the highest pitch possible and press the "connect" button. There is software that you will install on your laptop called "BGAN Launchpad". When you run this, it will communicate with any terminal's GPS and shows you what angle and direction to point the terminal in order to connect, taking out all guesswork. Some terminals have a built in compass so finding the correct direction is not difficult. Pointing normally takes between 1 to 3 minutes.
  How many computers may connect to the terminal ?
  The 9201 and the Explorer 700 will allow up to 11 concurrent users via wireless. You will need a router or switch to connect more as there is only one Ethernet port. The HNS9201, Explorer 300 and 500 terminals have one Ethernet LAN port, and the 700 has two. It is easy to connect a router for unlimited device connectivity. Explorer terminals do have Bluetooth wireless connectivity but configuration requires moderate knowledge of Bluetooth.
  What is the BGAN Sim Card ?
  The Sim Card is a small plastic chip that activates the terminal. Like a cell phone, it is the Sim Card that contains all of the information on the account. A Sim Card will work in any BGAN terminal from any manufacturer. You may own multiple Sim Cards, each with its own account. This is good for teams of people that can all have their own individual card/account but use the same terminal antenna. Simply insert the Sim Card you wish to use, and turn the terminal on. That is all. We offer Universal SIM Cards to be used with BGAN, IsatPhonePro, Iridium, contact us for more information to find the right SIM card for you..
  What is the difference between BGAN systems and Mobile Satellite Dishes (VSAT ) ?
  BGAN terminals are extremely portable and cost less than the satellite dish systems. They can be carried in a regular sized laptop case and connect anywhere for high speed Internet, phone and faxing. The bigger mobile satellite dishes weigh between 75 to 200 lbs and need to be mounted on a vehicle roof, or crated in a flyaway case. Also, they are not assigned phone numbers and do not support non-voip phone or faxing without additional equipment. Transmitting data over a BGAN terminal is more expensive than a satellite dish system, but if you need portable high speed access, BGAN is the best solution.
  Will the BGAN terminal work inside a building ?
  Yes, but the signal strength is somewhat reduced. Also, the BGAN satellite could be fairly high in the sky, so it may be impossible to have line-of-sight with the satellite. It should be stated that the HNS 9201 has a built in wireless system 802.11, so you can connect to the terminal by wireless indoors with the terminal outdoors. BGAN terminals will need to be placed close to the window to acquire GPS information. You do have the option of acquiring GPS with the system outside, and then taking it inside and placing the terminal in a position where it has line of sight to the orbiting (geostationary) satellite. Contact us for our advanced satellite & wifi options for 1 to 500.000 users+ (indoor/outdoor - wide area).
  Can the system be mounted on a building ?
  Yes, many companies in remote regions mount the system to a wall using either an external antenna, or a mounting kit. Please contact us for more information on BGAN accessories.
  How much power does the BGAN system use ?
  The BGAN terminals run off rechargeable batteries, or AC 100 to 240 VAC using an AC/DC power adapter. They also can all be run or charged from a 12 or 24 DC Power Adapter for vehicles. While idle, terminals will last 36 hours on battery power. If transmitting or receiving, power requirements are higher and the battery will be expended at a faster rate. However, normal usage has far more idle time than actual usage. You may consider a BGAN terminal much the same way you look at a cell phone that it needs to be recharged from time to time, but that it does not need to be plugged in for usage. Make sure to disable wireless options and connect via Ethernet to conserve power. The 9201 terminal uses about 18 Watts of power when transmitting and 8 watts when idle making it a very easy system to use with a solar recharging system.
  How does the BGAN In-Motion system work ?
  Both the HNS 9250 and the Explorer 527 & 727 domed antennas mount on any roof (normally magnetically). When the BGAN controller is plugged into a 12V or 24 Volt power source, it will automatically track and lock on satellite. In-vehicle connections can be via Ethernet with all in-motions systems. The 9250 has a build in wireless access point so that anyone in the vehicle (or around it when parked). The Explorer 527 & 727 can use Bluetooth for wireless data access, but we suggest using a more reliable wireless "G" router. For those on the edge of the BGAN coverage map, trees and mountains may become a factor from having a line-of-sight to the satellite which is lower on the horizon, and service may be irregular. Monthly Service Plans of in-motion BGAN systems are identical to other BGAN services we offer.
  Can I do Video Streaming over the system ?
  Yes, BGAN is a very cost effective solution for those wishing to cover live events and stream video. CNN won an award in September of 2007 for using BGAN 9201 systems for live broadcasts in Iraq. The HNS 9201 offers Streaming committed information rates (CIR) of 32, 64, 128, 256 & 450 Kbps, which means that no one else shares with your speed when you are connected so your speeds are predictable and your transmission will not be stalled. Streaming services are selected using using the BGAN Launchpad at the time you connect your BGAN terminal.The 450 Kbps X-Stream is excellent for high-quality video.
Contact us for more informatioon and special airtime plans on BGAN X-Stream .
  Will it work with both Mac and PC ?
  Yes, both Windows and Mac/Apple users may use the system. In fact any TCP-IP capable device that can work with DHCP is able to connect to the system. BGAN terminals use "Launchpad" software that by default, requires a simple mouse click to "register" with the satellite, and open a data connection. A useful trick is to configure the terminal via the Launchpad software to automatically "register" and opening up a "data" session after you point the terminal, a process which will eliminate the need to run the Launchpad software from a computer. Otherwise, only one computer needs to run the Launchpad software to make a data connection.
  How Do I Keep My Computer Programs From Transferring Data Automatically ?
Since BGAN usage is metered, you will want to turn off programs that auto-update such as Windows Update. Our customers receive a short guide and free software. This easy to follow guide is to help you configure a computer so that it can reduce or eliminate unwanted data transferring.
  How does the Wireless Access Point work ?

Some BGAN terminals have integrated wireless systems. By default, wireless access is disabled, so the first time connecting, you use an Ethernet cable to configure the wireless parameters. All terminals have WEP security and some have MAC filtering to keep your connection secure.

The Explorer Terminals can use bluetooth data access with a range of 100 feet /30 meters, and by default, it is disabled until enabled by the owner. We recommend using a wireless router for multi-computer connectivity if you are not familiar with Bluetooth.

Enabling the wireless on BGAN terminals does require extra power, so if you need to run off battery for an extended period of time, it is better to disable the wireless and run an Ethernet cable between the terminal and your computer.

  How does weather affect the terminal's ability to connect ?
  The BGAN "L" band radio uses lower frequencies that are much less susceptible to rain fade than much larger satellite dish systems.
  What Band and Frequency does BGAN use ?
  BGAN is on the "L" Band with the terminal receiving (Rx) frequencies of 1525.0-1559.0MHz & transmitting (Tx) frequencies of 1626.5-1660.5MHz.
  Can I connect to the BGAN network anywhere in the world ?
  Yes, you can. With the included universal power adapters, you can plug your HNS 9201 into wall power in most every country. For the Explorers, they ship with the European two prong and a U.S. adapter. If you plan to travel, you will need an inexpensive power adapter kit like the one that ships with the HNS 9201 .
  Can I use BGAN service on a boat or vessel ?
  The BGAN Explorer models 300 & 500 have shown to work well on a boat at anchor that has limited rocking and swinging. If you are on the open ocean, BGAN systems will not operate. You must be on an Island, or at port. For open ocean use, Inmarsat has created FleetBroadband which uses the same BGAN network, but deploys sea worthy terminals for connectivity. If you try using any portable BGAN terminals while moving on the open sea, Inmarsat (the owning company) will suspend service. Also, BGAN terminals must be stationary in order to transmit (unless you have an in-motion BGAN terminal). If the vessel is on waterways (and not in the open ocean), we recommend considering a BGAN in-motion system.
  Can I purchase a system anywhere in the world ?
  Yes. we will ship to any address of your choice world wide. Please contact our sales representative for more information (Languages: English, Espanol, Deutsch) on terminals, services and our local / regional service provider near you.
  Are there BGAN Users Manuals ?
  Yes, just contact us and we send you the User Manuals for all our BGAN products and servcies.
  How Secure is A BGAN Terminal ?

Among other verification protocols, BGAN uses the same ciphering method as UMTS, called Kasumi. How to enable ciphering on a specific BGAN terminal contact us here for support. In addition we offer a range of high level encryption devices and software, we support you on firewalls and VPN configuration and services.  We provide private circuits to the BGAN network operations center, so your traffic is private from client terminal to headquarters.

  Will BGAN work with VPN ?
  Yes, the HNS 9201 has been tested to work with multiple VPN's over the BGAN network including our SATWIFI outdoor/ indoor wide area hotspot, Cisco Client V1 & V2, Nortel-Contivity, Netscreen Remote Client 8.1, Checkpoint 4.1, and SonicWall. Please contact us for more information.
  Can I create a Private Network ?
  Yes, we can connect your organization to the BGAN Network Operations Center (NOC) closest to your headquarters. Contact our representative for more information about your specific requirements.
  Can I get a Static/Public IP address for my BGAN ?
  Yes, a single Public IP address (Static IP) is available for BGAN Sim Cards and it will stay static no matter which of the three Inmarsat satellite you connect with. This is perfect for high security applications linked to a corporate network such as a VPN that configures to only one Static IP connections. Please contact us for more information on BGAN Static IPs.


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