HNS 9201-M2M Satellite IP Terminal for Remote SCADA Applications   
    The HNS 9201-M2M Satellite Terminal is your gateway to global machine-to-machine communications. The HNS 9201-M2M enables you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet data via Ethernet over the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network.
    IP remote SCADA-ready
    The high-performance, rugged HNS 9201-M2M is designed to withstand varying weather conditions for extended periods of time. Yet, the terminal is small and light, so it can be installed easily enabling connectivity within minutes. The Inmarsat BGAN service, together with the HNS 9201-M2M, offers a true IP network.
  • Full IP compatibility—SMTP email, file transfer (FTP), and VPN
  • Global public fixed IP available
  • Compatible with the following VPNs: Cisco–VPN Client V1 or V2.6.3, Nortel–Contivity VPN Client V04-15.06,
  • Netscreen– Remote Client 8.1, Checkpoint–V4.1, and SonicWall
  • Cost-effective, “always-on” access—only charged for data sent and received
  • Web MMI is accessible via Wi-Fi-enabled PDAs, Blackberrys, and iPhones
  • Auto context activation feature allows PDP contexts to be activated without user action
  • Easy to install and connects in minutes
  • UMTS IP-based services
  • FCC, CE, and GMPCS certified

User Interfaces
  •   SIM card
  •   LED and audio pointing aids
  •   Ethernet
  •   USB
  •   Serial-Ethernet interface available (contact us for details )
Internal Web MMI
  •   Terminal configuration and control via any browser (
  •   Accessible via any Wi-Fi-enabled PDA, iPhone, Android or Blackberry
  •   Auto On/Auto Power Cycle
  •   24/7 Keep Alive. Terminal maintains an efficient, “always-on” connection, where users pay only for data transmitted.
  •   SMS Wakeup (optional feature)
  •   9201-M2M Satellite IP SCADA Terminal
  •   Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  •   AC main power adapter (110 VAC - 240 VAC)
  •   Ethernet cable
  •   User guide (PDF file Web site)
Optional Accessories
  •   Standard lithium ion battery pack
  •   Extended lithium ion battery pack
  •   Terminal enclosures (see Hughes representative for details)
  •   AC mains power adapter (110 to 240 VAC) output
  •   Fixed mount kit
  •   DC/DC adapter (10–32 VDC)
  •   External flat-panel passive antenna - IP67
  •   YES Seure (high encryption 3G, 4G and WiFi for mobile phones)
    HNS 9201-M2M Satellite IP SCADA Terminal Technical Specifications
Physical and Environmental  
2.8 kg (terminal with battery)
 Dimensions:  27.5 cm D x 34.5 cm W x 5.0 cm H
 Battery Life*: Transmit: 162 megabytes
Receive: 864 megabytes
36 hours standby time
95% RH at +40° C
-25° C to +60° C operating
-25° C to +60° C storage (w/ battery)
Water and Dust:
IP-55 standard
 Operational 25 mph (40 km/h)
 Survival:  100 mph (160 km/h)
 Ice:  25 mm non-operational
 Power Consumption  
Idle Mode: on regional beam with data context active, PC connected via Ethernet. Only periodic network signalling.
Average power usage over 16 hours = 0.19 A at 19.7 V = 3.74 W

Idle mode + Ping: Send 4 pings and then allow unit to transition back to regional beam. Total time 200 sec. Average power = 3.87 W  
Receive Mode: FTP get of 5 MB file at 160 kbps. Average power consumption = 5 W (max ~10 W)  
Transmit Mode: FTP put of 5 MB file at 310 kbps. Average power consumption = 24 W (max ~30 W)  
Solar Compatible  
Requires 55–60 W solar panel plus DC/DC power adapter to input 20 V to 9201 M2M terminal,  for full transmit power plus the ability to charge the battery.
* Actual performance will vary based upon a wide range of factors and actual usage.  
    We introduced the HNS 9201-M2M satellite IP terminal, a single-box, SCADA-ready, machine-to-machine version of the highly successful Hughes 9201 terminal, certified for operation on the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN). Rugged and easy to use, the HNS 9201-M2M is fully IP compatible and conigured for self-contained SCADA operation via a standard Ethernet interface.
    Ideal for the oil, gas, water, and utility industries, the Hughes 9201-M2M is easily packaged for continuous monitoring and control of remote sites, such as well automation, pipeline monitoring, utility SmartGrid such as SmartMeter backhaul, distribution automation, and substation SCADA. The robust IP55 rated* HNS 9201-M2M provides immediate connectivity and is built to operate in extreme weather conditions. Compact and versatile, the single-box HNS 9201-M2M is a highly secure, cost-effective, and always-on SCADA solution for a wide range of trafic sites handling kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes of data.
*Ingress Protection standard of 55 for water and dust ingress.
    As illustrated, the HNS 9201-M2M facilitates true end-to-end IP communications supporting TCP and UDP trafic and with essential IP SCADA benefits and features such as:
  • Auto Context Activation automatically sets up a data context with the network for the user device that is connected to the HNS 9201-M2M. The user device can use either a static local IP address or obtain a dynamic DHCP local IP address to set up the automatic context.
  • Auto On/Auto Power Cycle enables the HNS 9201-M2M to automatically restore power to itself and turn back ON if the site loses power or experiences a brief power interruption, eliminating the need to send personnel to the site to manually reboot.
  • Point Once provides the installer with a quick and easy method of installing, pointing, and activating the terminal without the need for a laptop in the ield.
  • 24/7 Keep Alive Link Supervision is designed into the HNS 9201-M2M irmware to autonomously supervise and maintain the data connection, even when there is inactivity of data being sent for over 12 hours, so that the customer's remote terminal unit (RTU) doesn't have to facilitate that task.
  • IP Watchdog for "always-on access." The IP watchdog monitors the health of the data connection and takes various steps to always keep it active on the network. If the data connection goes down (regardless of whether it is a network or terminal fault) and nothing is able to re-establish the connection, the terminal will initiate a reboot command to get back online with the network.
  • Internal Battery Back-up. The HNS 9201-M2M can be equipped optionally with a 9-cell, extended-life, Lithium-ion battery pack for backup power should the site power fail.
    Oil, Gas, and Water Applications
  • The HNS 9201-M2M is ideal for operational well data collection such as electronic low measurement, pressure, and custody transfer data reading.
  • The HNS 9201-M2M is also installed at natural gas sites to enable remote monitoring and control of the compressor responsible for pushing high volumes of natural gas through the pipeline transmission system.
  • For instance, in these photographs the HNS 9201-M2M is not only used for purposes of data collection, but also for delivering critical and time-sensitive command and control instructions to downhole systems. This increases well performance and production, saving the operator time and money dispatching personnel, and increasing the producer's revenues due to the information provided for real-time decision making.
    Tsunami Early Warning Systems
    The HNS 9201-M2M supportes and deploys  a Tsunami early warning detection system.
This photo shows a typical Hughes 9201-M2M installation that provides mission-critical communications as part of an innovative system deployed at various locations worldwide.

    Utility Applications
    The HNS 9201-M2M is being adopted and deployed for a range of utility solutions.
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart Meter Backhaul. Thousands of  residential and business wireless smart meters send usage data back to a collector point. The collector point sends the aggregate data over the Hughes 9201-M2M to the utility’s data center.
  • Distribution Automation. The Hughes 9201-M2M can be deployed at utility poles to enable control of SmartGrid infrastructure such as reclosers, fault indicators, capacitor banks, etc.
  • Substation Communications. To dramatically enhance communication link availability at a substation, a HNS 9201-M2M can operate as the backup path for automatic failover when the primary line fails.
  • Disaster Preparedness/Business Continuity Solutions. The HNS 9201-M2M can be used for critical communications during the recovery period immediately following a catastrophic event that interrupts utility services.
In this photo, the HNS 9201-M2M is connected to an AMI collection point to deliver Smart Meter data from meters on residences and businesses. AMI enables readings for billing, service connections and disconnections; and consumer remote control over the Internet of lights, thermostats, and appliances, proactively reducing electricity usage costs. Utilities can manage peak loads where generation costs are high, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping measure and mitigate the risk of blackouts.   bgan_hns9201_m2m_electricity.JPG 
    Earthquake Monitoring and Detection Systems
    The data obtained via the HNS 9201-M2M is used to better understand tectonic processes and the location, size, and timing of future large earthquakes in a particular area of study.
 bgan_hns9201_m2m_earthquake1.JPG  bgan_hns9201_m2m_earthquake2.JPG
The data obtained via the HNS 9201-M2M is used to better understand tectonic processes and the location, size, and timing of future large earthquakes in a particular area of study.
    Serial to Ethernet
    Customers who require RS-232, 422/485 serial to Ethernet connectivity, simply use one of a variety of the available serial-to-Ethernet interfaces from EX4U Telecom.
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