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TWIG Discovery Pro is an advanced communication device that combines a triple band GSM mobile phone with a high performance GPS receiver and Telematics (MPTP).

 TWIG Discovery Pro 			_left.jpg These features, and the unique TWIG alert button, make the TWIG Discovery Pro ideal for locating phone users and increasing their safety in addition to allowing them to be supervised and directed to a desired position. The device can be configured for several different business applications including personal tracking for resource management and as a safety device for lone workers.

Safety and Security
TWIG Discovery Pro is an ideal portable safety device for solitary workers and people who may be at risk. By using the MPTP TWIG Discovery Pro can be configured to connect to any emergency centre that uses voice, SMS or TCP/IP (GPRS based data connection) for telematics. The centre can be contacted by the user by pressing the TWIG Alert button, this will send an SOS message and/or open a voice connection to the predefined emergency number. The SOS message will include location, time, speed, direction and battery status to help to track the user.

Personnel and Resource Management
With communication, positioning and telematic capabilities and full portability from the one device TWIG Discovery Pro makes most expensive resource management packages unnecessary. Using the TWIG Discovery Pro businesses can track not only their fleet but also their personnel such as servicemen, policemen or couriers and all with the same application.

Phone features
The TWIG Discovery Pro has been designed to include the phone features required by businesses. The TWIG Discovery Pro features a calendar, including appointment manager and email functionality. It has Bluetooth connectivity and is WAP enabled.

Personal surveillance online
EX4U  eLogistic Services allows you to track TWIG users from a PC. The internet interface allows you to track and locate someone carrying the TWIG. Discovery Pro via any web browser, providing you with peace of mind as to their location and current status.
(not including protective casing)
Indented display window
Weight: 128g
Length: 116mm
Width: 51mm
Thickness: 24mm

Wireless Network Standard*
GPRS Multi Slot 10/Class B
Compliant to GSM phase 2/2 + USSD

Output Power
2W for GSM 850/900
1W for GSM 1800/1900
ARM9 application processor,
variable speed 13MHz...312MHz

10MB of internal user memory MiniSd card support up to 1GB card size

Speaker phone operation

2” TFT display
176 x 220 pixels within 262k colors

GSM: Integrated antenna
GPS: High sensitivity, integrated, quad helix antenna

12 channel high performance receiver
Accuracy ~5m, 95% of time (Open sky)
Acquisition Rate (Open sky, receiver stationary)
   Cold Start 45sec (typical)
   Warm Start 38sec (typical)
   Snap Start 2-8sec (typical)
   Reacquisition 0.1sec (typical)
Advanced power saving methods

Telematics features
Twig Telematics (MPTP) a sophisticated set of Telematic commands.
Locating commands
Tracking commands
Emergency commands
Status commands
Remote configuration
GPS trace log
Accessory layer connector for embedded “accessories” such as motion sensor or RF tag reader

Operating Times**
Standard battery li-ion 1350mAh.
Stand-by: up to 210hrs
Talk time: up to 9hrs
GPS operating time with 60 seconds
interval: 30hrs
Charging time: <2 hrs for 100%

PIN codes
Fixed dialing
SIM card/network lock
User Interface
Menu locks

Vibrating Alert
Sound/GPS profiles
Keypad/phone lock
Dedicated TWIG Alert button
Dedicated menu/application switcher key
Dedicated volume level keys

Concatenated SMS: Send and receive up to 2800 characters in one message consisting of several ordinary messages
Send to multiple recipients at the same time
Predictive text input: Support for major European and Asian languages
MMS (Multimedia messaging)
E-mail client (POP3/IMAP/SMTP
Cell broadcast
SMS/MMS unified Inbox

Integrated Software
Mobile Internet Access, WAP Browser 2.0
Contacts book
Six Games
PIM applications (Calendar, notes, converter, calculator)
Dual zone clock with 3 alarms with snooze capability
Communication log with missed/received/
SIM application toolkit
GPS monitor
GPS Profiles menu allowing the user to add and customize GPS operation
Twig SOS - Advanced emergency messaging application
TWIG Status - management messaging application

Connect via USB/ Bluetooth to a PC application
Browsing XHTML (WAP 2.0)
Bluetooth Data connection for data exchange
Bluetooth headset connection
Synchronization with MS Outlook/Lotus Notes via TWIG PC Tools
Internal IC data bus for 3rd party custom hardware modules. e.g motion sensor, RF receiver

Windscreen mount car cradle
Cigarette lighter adapter
Personal hands free
USB cable
Carrying case
PC Tools SW
Bluetooth headset
Full HF car kit with external GSM /GPS antenna connection
Protective rubber casing
Motion sensor and verticality switch for automated emergency messaging
Mini SD card for data, map and application storage

Some of the features and services described above are subject to country roll out and might not be available during launch of the product.
*separate version subject to launch roll out.
** operating times are subject to networks, operating environment & needed performance
TWIG Configuration Guide  (sample configuration)
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