YES ONE SIM  Free Roaming
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Features and Benefits

Revolutionary prepaid roaming GSM YES ONE Sim card with UK (+44) and CAN (+1) phone number.

Option to substitute Canadian phone number with your local country phone number (over 48 Alias country phone numbers are available)

  • Revolutionary  - Concierge - service allows you to make international calls from your hotel room at amazingly low rates starting US$0.08/minute.
  • Trigger function allows receiving calls at any other landline or mobile number.
  • Coverage and low-rates in around 200 countries.
  • SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • FREE incoming SMS
  • No line rentals, no contracts, no set-up fees, no monthly charges or commitment.
  • Easy online top-up via PayPal or Moneybookers and more.
  • Manage your account online, see call history, charges or top-up history.
  • Simply the only SIM card you need in roaming offering around 85% savings!


Local Country Phone Numbers for YES ONE Sim

The default alias phone number for YES ONE Sim is a UK phone number (+44). You may add at any time a Alias country number can be substituted with a number of your own country (more than 48 countries available).
  When roaming inside the USA you can request free of charge directly from your phone a local USA land line number while roaming inside the USA.

Please see the list of available (Alias) country numbers .

Please note that there are monthly and set-up fees associated with the alias phone number. 









  Making calls

Making calls using YES ONE Sim is quite easy.

1. Key in the destination number you wish to call. Use the following dialing format:

           Example: For calling a Miami number dial +1305xxxxxxx#.
           Note: Do not use international prefix such as 00 or 011.

2. After dialing the destination number your phone will disconnect. Ignore any messages the phone may display during this process (even error messages).

3. After a slight pause you will receive a callback call from the YES ONE Sim switch. Answer the call normally.

4. Wait a moment to be connected to the destination number.

Receiving calls

Your friends and family can reach you by dialing either your UK phone number or your alias phone number.

Note: There is an additional charge of US$0.03 /minute for incoming calls to the your Alias number (your local country) or other alias phone number assigned to the YES ONE Sim card.

Please note the following important information. When calling to your UK number your friends or family will incur long distance or international call charges, but you will not be charged in countries where you have free incoming calls. Vice versa, when your family calls your alias phone number they will not be paying as this call would be a local call, but you will be charged a per minute rate. For current rate table please consult the YES Rates Section.

YES ONE Quick Start Guide

Terms of Use see here ...


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