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TWIG – from satellite navigation to personal navigation. The market for satellite navigation continues to grow in popularity. As a technology that is based on mobility and navigation – on information that continually updates according to a person’s location – TWIG together with EX4U eLogistics Location - Fleet & Job Management) is the ideal application for that most portable and essential of consumer devices, the mobile phone. The ability to find your way and to communicate where you are, and where you are going, go hand in hand.

The new TWIG handset combines the familiarity, portability and ease-of-use of a mobile phone, with the convenience, functionality and responsiveness of true satellite navigation.

More than this, though, TWIG takes GPS further, transforming satellite navigation into “personal navigation”, that is,connecting you to your surroundings with “real–time” data and services directly related to your exact location. In addition to navigation services such as street mapping and POI (Point of Interest), TWIG provides location-specific functions such as real-time user tracking;and personal location sharing between friends, family and company. With TWIG, you can find your friends and colleagues and contact them, all from the same device.


TWIG Discovery standard package

The new TWIG Discovery is the first personal navigation device on the market to combine GSM mobile telephony with GPS navigation capability. It combines the comfort and ease-of-use of in-car GPS voice guidance systems with the familiar, user-friendly and portable format of a mobile phone. The pre-installed navigation system on the TWIG Discovery removes the need for an additional expensive GPS receiver.

Take a look at the service solutions built-into the TWIG Discovery:
  • TWIG FINDER -– an easy way to locate fellow TWIG users, simply by requesting a position from a specific TWIG user, the device will calculate navigation instructions on how to reach their given position.
  • TWIG ROUTE – Whether you’re walking or driving, TWIG uses clear, detailed mapping of street or road networks and navigates you the optimum route from where you are to where you want to go.
  • TWIG POI (Point of Interest) – It could be a petrol station, a famous restaurant or a historic castle, whatever, TWIG POI, navigates you to your chosen point of interest individually, or as part of a planned route.
  • TWIG ALERT – If you’re lost or have a problem, your TWIG handset can be programmed to either open a voice call and/or send a SMS with the position,time/date stamp and if applicable direction of travel of the handset, just by pressing the dedicated Alert key.
  • So, whether you’re in the car, walking along a street, trying to find your friend, or just want to locate a place of interest, your Twig Discovery navigates and guides you clearly and simply to that location.


  • Indented display window
  • Elastomer protection
  • Weight: 128g
  • Length: 116mm
  • Width: 51mm
  • Thickness: 24mm
  • Volume: 100cc
  • GSM: Integrated
  • Connector for Car Kit antenna
  • GPS: Integrated, high sensitivity
  • ARM9 application processor
  • 300MIPS, 312Mhz
  • SDRAM 32MB
  • Flash ROM 32MB, 16MB to user storage
  • MiniSD card up to 1GB

  • 31.2x41, 2mm TFT active matrix
  • 176x220 pixels within 256k colors
  • Mini SD card for:
  • Data
  • Map storage
  • Connect via USB/Bluetooth to a PC application
  • Browsing XHTML (WAP 2.0)
  • Bluetooth Data connection for data exchange
  • Bluetooth headset connection
  • Synchronization with MS Outlook/Lotus Notes

  • Vibrating Alert
  • Sound / GPS profiles
  • Keypad / phone lock
  • Dedicated alarm button4)
  • Dedicated menu / application swapper key

  • Mobile Internet Access: WAP Browser 2.0
  • Contacts book
  • Games, 6 pcs
  • PIM applications (calendar, notes, converter,
  • calculator)
  • SIM application toolkit
  • E-mail client (POP3/IMAP/SMTP)
  • GPS monitor
  • Twig Navigation- Turn-by-turn personal
  • navigation application
  • Twig Alert – Emergency assistance application
  • 12 channels high performance receiver
  • Frequency L1, 1575,42 MHZ
  • Accuracy (Open sky)
  • Position ~5m, 95% of the time
  • Acquisition Rate (Open sky, receiver stationary)
  • Cold Start 45 s (typical)
  • Warm Start 38 s (typical)
  • Snap Start 2-8 s (typical)
  • Reacquisition 0,1 s (typical)
  • Advanced power saving methods
  • Standard battery Li-Ion 1000 mAh
  • Optional battery3) Li-ion 1700 mAh
  • Stand-by time 2) upto 120 h
  • Talk time 2) upto 7 h
  • GPS op. Time 2) upto 85 h
  • Navigation op. Time 2) up to 5 h
  • Charging time < 2 h for 100%
        STANDARDS 1)

  • Tri-Band EGSM/GPRS900/1800/1900Mhz
  • Tri-Band EGSM/GPRS850/1800/1900Mhz
  • GPRS Multi Slot B Class 10
  • Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
  • USSD
  • Output power
  • 2W for GSM 850/900
  • 1W for GSM 1800/1900
TWIG navigation

  • Codecs HR/FR/EFR/AMR
  • Speaker phone operation
  • PIN codes
  • Fixed dialing
  • SIM card/network lock
  • Concatenated SMS: Send and receive up to 640 characters in one message consisting of several ordinary messages
  • Predictive text input: Support for major European languages
  • MMS (Multimedia messaging)
1) different versions;  2) subject to local and network conditions,as well as applications running and required GPS performance; 3) optional 1700 mAh battery sold as accessory; 
4) may require purchase of separate option.



Standard Battery 1000mAh

Suitable for the TWIG Discovery.

USB Data Cable

Convenient for when there is no Bluetooth available, the USB Data Cable can be used to connect phone to PC when using PC synchronization tools of USB modem to read e mails, for example.

Leather Case

Protect your Twig handset’s stylish looks with this classy Leather Case.Looks great and has an easy to use lid and belt clip.

Cigarette Lighter Charger

On the move? The Cigarette Lighter Charger fits neatly and easily into your car lighter and charges your phone when you’re driving. Simple!

Fast Mains Charger  (EU 100-240V)

In a hurry? The Fast Mains Charger lets you charge easily and swiftly when you’re near a mains socket.

Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth Headset provides excellent voice quality and freedom so you can take or make that call without losing control of your car – and breaking the law.

Portable Handsfree

The Portable Hands Free provides the same excellent voice quality as the headset to let you stay in control of your car.

Suction Pad Mounting Kit with Cradle

Keep your car interior looking sleek and affix the Suction Mounting Kit to your car window. No need for wires or holes.

Suction Pad Mounting Kit with Cradle and Car Charger

The complete package for your car. Charge your handset using the car charger and use the mounting kit and holder to keep your handset firmly in place whilst driving.

Make visiting and exploring new countries and cities easy with clear maps from TWIG.
TWIG maps are easy to install onto your phone. Once installed, TWIG services will navigate you the optimum route from where you are to where you want to go, whether you’re walking or driving.
TWIG maps are currently available for several countries and we are constantly updating this selection.
Map of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
[ZE3602] - A detailed map of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Map of France
[ZE3603] - A detailed map of France connected to the major road networks of Western Europe.
Map of Germany, Switzerland and Austria
[ZE3604] - A detailed map of  Germany, Switzerland and Austria connected to the major road networks of Western Europe.
Map of Great Britain
[ZE3600]- Detailed regional map of Great Britain connected to the Western European major road network. Includes Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Also includes Dublin and the major roads of the Republic of Ireland.
Map of  Italy
[ZE3606] - A detailed map of  Italy connected to the major road networks of Western Europe.
Map of  Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra
[ZE3605] - A detailed regional map of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra connected to the Western Europe major road network.
Map of  Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
[ZE3601] - Detailed regional map of  Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland connected to the Western European major road network.
Comming soon:   Detailed regional map of the USA.
Note:  Street map coverage may vary from country to country.
TWIG Maps will be delivered to you on an SD Media Card. We require your TWIG Device IMEI to encode the SD Media Card for your device. Your Device IMEI can be obtained by entering *#06# onyour TWIG Mobile. Please send us your IMEI number of your TWIG handset to purchase the map.

Services & Solutions

EX4U Internet based eLogistics (Location -Fleet & Job Management) Services lets you find fellow TWIG users, anywhere in the world. Our web services interface allows device owners, friends and family to track and locate TWIG users via any web browser, providing them with peace of mind as to their location, current status and much more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download a ring tone or a wallpaper to my phone?
A collection of ring tones & wallpapers will be available to download free of charge here on our download site in the near future. Use PC Tools to transfer to your phone any other image from your PC.

Where can I find online games?
Currently there are no online games for the device.

Where can I download the PC Tools software so that I can link up my mobile phone and computer?
With the PC Tools software you can customize your mobile phone by adding sounds & images. In addition, you can synchronize your mobile with Lotus Notes®, MS Outlook®, Outlook Express® and Lotus Organizer®. To install PC Tools, download the installation program from the CD provided with the phone.

Where can I find information on health issues and mobile phones?
Information is written in the user manual of the handset in the CD ROM. You can also download an electronic version of the manual from our download page.

Where can I buy telephones and accessories online?
A whole range of accessories is already available from EX4U.

How do I contact customer services?
Please email us for further information, advice & queries. All enquiries will be answered promptly.

How do I find the technical specifications for Twig  products?
Each device has a detailed specifications sheet that you can view on our product pages.

Who should I contact if my phone is blocked?
Please contact your operator or the shop from which you purchased the phone.

Where can I find press releases with the latest information on Twig mobile phones?
All our news releases are available on .

Does the Twig Discovery include a camera?
Currently there is no camera in the Twig Discovery. Its primary function is to serve as personal navigation tool although future models may incorporate a camera.

Where can I use my Twig Discovery?
Twig Discovery is a Tri-band GSM phone with 900/1800/1900 MHz or 850/1800/1900 frequencies. You can use the phone in any country that has networks on those bands and if your operator has a valid roaming agreement with the local GSM operator. Selection of maps can be purchased from EX4U.


What are the supported formats of images and pictures?
The display allows you to view color images in BMP, WBMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG.

How can I download other pictures and wallpapers?
You can download color pictures or wallpapers via WAP, on MMS, TWIG PC Tools and Bluetooth from another device.

What are the supported formats for melodies?
Audio supported formats are: XAMR and WAV.

What is the level of polyphonic melodies?
Twig Discovery has polyphonic ring tones that support 32 tones.

How can I download melodies or sounds?
You can download melodies and sounds by WAP, MMS, PC software suite and Bluetooth.

How many melodies can be stored in the mobile?
The capacity storage of the dynamic memory (memory shared between melodies, images, MMS & PIM) is about 10 MB.

Can I view pictures with my Twig?
Pictures can be received from MMS, email or via the Bluetooth.

How many melodies are embedded in the handset?
There are 37 melodies embedded in the Twig Discovery.

Can I download MP3 melodies?
Currently there is no MP3 Player integrated in Twig Discovery.

Does Twig support MIDP2?
Currently Twig Discovery does not support MIDP2 since there is no java support.

Does Twig support BREW?
No, currently BREW support is not implemented within Twig Discovery.


How can I connect the Twig Discovery with my PC/Laptop?
You can connect your Twig Discovery to your PC/Laptop using the Bluetooth interface or an USB adapter.

What else can I do with the PC Tools software?
Twig Discovery allows PC synchronization with Outlook® Express, MS Outlook®, Lotus Notes® and Lotus® Organizer, with the PC Tools software suite. PcSync implements a Bluetooth interface and USB adapter, in order to exchange pictures and sounds as well as backing up data and managing contacts.

Does Twig Discovery have integrated modem?
Yes, it has an integrated data modem GPRS Multislot 10.

What does GPRS Multislot 10 mean?
The higher class of GPRS (Global Packet Radio Service) you have, the more efficient services you get. Class 10 means the ability to manage 4 time slots for downloads and 2 time slots for upload simultaneously. Today, 10 is the highest class implemented in a mobile phone.

What can be downloaded on the Twig Discovery?
Personal pictures, color wallpapers, polyphonic and true ring tones and melodies

What are the characteristics of the Twig Discovery regarding WAP?
WAP color image viewer for GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP and WBMP picture formats
Picture and ring tone download over WAP.

Do I need some special settings to use GPRS technology?
Yes, your GPRS phone needs to be configured to make it possible for you to use the GPRS technology. You also need to subscribe to GPRS. If the right settings are not already entered in the phone, you may have to contact your operator.

Which version of Java does Twig Discovery support?
Currently there is no Java support in Twig Discovery. The primary function of the phone is to serve as personal navigation tool.


What is GPS?
"GPS is the world’s first satellite navigation system. It was developed and maintained by the U.S. Government’s Department of Defense. GPS consists of 3 key elements: satellites in space, monitoring stations on Earth and your GPS receiver. GPS has 24 satellites that circle Earth in orbital paths, sending out radio signals from their position in high orbit. Each satellite’s signal covers a large area of the earth’s surface and they are orbiting so that your GPS receiver back on Earth is always getting signals from at least 4 satellites (the number you need to pinpoint your location). There are 5 monitoring stations: the master station in USA and four unmanned stations around the globe. Your GPS receiver picks up signals from GPS satellites to work out your location. Each satellite transmits low power radio signals. The signals travel by so-called ‘line of sight’. This means they pass through clouds, glass and plastic, but not usually through solid objects, such as buildings."

Do I need to be outside to use GPS?
Yes, GPS is operating based on weak signals transmitted from satellites. These signals do not penetrate solid objects and thus clear visibility to the sky is needed. It is however possible to get a position if room has e.g. large windows or a non-metal roof.

Does the GPS work inside my Car?
Yes, but some cars have a thin metal layer in windows which can block GPS signals. In these cases please use a Car Kit with external GPS antenna.


What can I do with the Personal Navigation feature?
You can calculate the shortest or fastest route between two points.

What kind of maps I can use?
EX4U is providing a set of maps with each Twig Discovery. We offer additional maps of other countries.

What countries are covered with maps?
Initially you will receive maps of your own country. Maps are delivered in memory card (Mini-SD). When traveling to another country you can buy maps for those. Please contact EX4U for updated list of maps and Internet based Location, AVL & Fleet Management services.


What accessories are available for my Twig Discovery?
EX4U provides a full set of accessories to you with Twig Discovery. This includes wired headset, suction pad car holder, charger and car charger and USB cable.

We aim to provide swift, professional support and technical advice on our products worldwide.