IsatPhonePro - Short-dial alert feature improves remote safety

A new personal alert feature on IsatPhone Pro gives users an emergency back-up, which improves their safety.

isatphonepro_personal alert.jpg

Safety: IsatPhone Pro showing the personal alert feature

The feature enables a user to send their GPS position plus a short pre-configured message as an email or text message.

The personal alert provides added peace of mind for IsatPhone Pro users who may be travelling in remote areas that lack basic communications.

Quick and reliable
The personal alert can be sent quickly and reliably because the message is sent using a short-dial code, with the text pre-configured and the location inserted automatically from a stored GPS fix.

The alert can be configured to be sent to up to 10 recipients.

Each message of up to 160 characters is sent separately to one or more recipients on a pre-defined list set up by the end-user.

Personal Alert set up
A journalist can set up a personal alert to inform his or her newsdesk when they are in a danger area or a field worker stranded in a remote region with a broken down vehicle can send precise coordinates about his or her location.

Full instructions on how to set up the new IsatPhone Pro personal alert feature are in the updated IsatPhone Pro User Guide.

To enable the new personal alert feature you will need to install the latest IsatPhone Pro firmware version due for release shortly.

Please contact us for further information.


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