IsatPhone Pro  Special Features 
    GPS Satellite Tracking on the Isatphone Pro
    The Isatphone Pro has a built in GPS location feature. Select the Menu option on the phone and then select the GPS tool. Send your GPS coordinates to either a mobile phone via a text message or to an email address. When this info is received copy and paste following the instructions below and voila you will instantly see where you are in the world.

The benefits are enormous as it allows for example to get a GPS lock if you are lost or in need of medical assistance or simply if somebody wants to know where you are.

Send a GPS coordinate text message via the Isatphone Pro to a cell phone or email.

You will receive a message similar to this: GPS fix Lat:
N 09 59' 37'' Long: W 84 12' 31'' Time: 09:11:00 UTC Date: 22-01-2011 Altitude: 921 m Velocity: 0 km/h Accuracy Horiz: +/- 4 m Vert: +/- 16 m

Now strip out the GPS co-ords ie: Lat: N 09 59' 37'' Long: W 84 12' 31'': and remove the Lat: and Long: and degree signs ie ' and " so that it reads
N 09 59 37 W 84 12 31 .

Copy and paste this GPS code into the search box at Google Maps and click the Search Maps button.

You will then get the location for those GPS coordinates. Please note that the location might be slightly off from your exact location due to the continuous earth and satellite movement.
    How to send an SMS to the Isatphone Pro
    The easiest (and FREE) way to send a text to an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro is to use your email client software.

Step 1: Open your email program; Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and proceed as if you were sending a regular email.

Step 2: In the email address field; enter the IsatPhone Pro # ( Example: 8707xxxxxxxx), the # will begin with 8707 and it will contain 12 digits. Then add after the IsatPhone Pro number.

Step 3: Complete the text or SMS message in the body of the email, but remember you only have 160 characters.

Step 4: Send the message as you would send a regular email!

Affordable Rates

When travelling overseas, one of the first things that you need to organise is international roaming on your mobile phone contract to enable your phone to work in another country. It can take a bit of time as you need to call your service provider to activate the service and maybe sign some documents.  Also you need to work out the cost of the calls within each country. These costs are usually very high especially for data rates for sending and receiving emails.

We can help you !

Our Satellite Phones range offer cheaper rates compared to roaming. International roaming rates for mobile networks can cost anything between $2 and $12 per minute for voice calls to your home country anot to mention the expensive rates for per mb for data. SMS or texting rates as well is expensive across the continents per sms. On top of this you pay heavily for receiving calls as well.

Our IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone and Iridium 9555 or Iridium Extreme rates are a lot cheaper. Contact us here for your satellite phone, special per minute, SMS and data rates to another fixed landline or mobile phone, depending on the satphone you choose.  Plus you do not pay for receiving a voice call or sms, and you can use your satphone anywhere* in the world.

*Isatphone Pro has no coverage at the Polar regions.

    Alternativly we offer low cost YES FREE ROAMING sim cards for your mobile phon, more information here..


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