Web Design & Hosted Management

    Modular Development Technology
hosting_box.jpg   Every web solution created by us is unique, the development processes leverages off of the same kind of production efficiencies and kind of quality standards that would exceed even the best hand built website possible.

By analyzing a large number of unique web solutions, we discovered that the vast majority of client sites could be developed through standard "building blocks" assembled in non-standard ways. Just like a DNA, assembled in many different ways to create a variety of complex organisms. We use a series of building blocks that make up the "web DNA" of a unique Internet solution. By configuring each of these building blocks in a way that is excellent for each client. The client receives a special website solution tailored to company or personal needs.

Obviously websites can be built much more efficiently by re-using instead of re-developing programming code, but the benefits of this methodology go further. By re-using certified programming code, the quality of production is heightened to a level unsurpassed within the industry.
    Content Management Technologies
hosting_patch_panel.png   The content management capability is delivered as an integral part of websites built by EX4U Telecom.  Unlike websites put together with traditional technologies that can only be worked on by trained website developers, our websites are designed to empower you, the site owners, to take charge of the content.  Our content management technologies let people with standard computer know-how to work with website contents with ease.  The skills required to perform day-to-day content management chores are no different than those needed to do, say, word processing.

With websites built by EX4U Telecom, you no longer need to call up your web designer to make small yet important content changes.  You can easily add your latest products and services offerings such as a brand new special you want to run, or the arrival of a new shipment you want to brag.  Publish your latest newsletter, and show your visitors the newest testimonials you just received from your client.  How about those new batch of photographs you want to show off?

Our content management technologies makes your website be a normal part of your business operations.  It makes you feel very comfortable in working with your website.  Remember:  The worst thing you can do to your website is to keep it stale.  People want to know your products and services, and people want to see fresh contents.

    e-Commerce Websites
 hosting_ecommerc.jpg   We at EX4U Telecom have an array of e-Commerce website frameworks to suit all spectrum of online selling requirements, ranging from a simple catalogue for a small collection of products to e-Commerce needs with broadest width of product offerings and highest demand of visitors traffic.  Administration functions are comprehensive, and completed database driven.  We will also provide seamless integration to your operational systems to ensure the data integrity and efficiency of your e-Commerce websites.
    Business Analysis

Have you ever wondered how Internet consultants go from talking about the Internet to actually developing a solution that is right for you and your business?  Are they experts in your field?  If not, how do they know what functions your site needs to be successful?  Guesswork?  Telepathy?

Just as a successful business model cannot be developed by guesswork, neither should your website be approached without proper preparation prior to going online.  A well thought out site is like a fine tailored suit.  Unfortunately, too many companies would rather sell you a site that doesn't fit than take the time necessary to build one that does.

One of the greatest challenges facing any Internet consultant is establishing a meaningful business relationship with a client.  The most important part of this process is understanding what it is that you, as a client, need from your Internet solution.

The business analysis is a uniquely structured tool we use to learn as much as possible about your business so that the functionality of your finished website provides you with a measurable return on your investment.

After performing a ausiness analysis, we will have a detailed understanding of what you need to be successful on the Internet.  More importantly, the business analysis will help determine an Internet budget you can live with.

    Here's how it works
hosting_access.jpg   We will discuss with you at length your business, while helping you to determine the best way to position your business on the Internet.  From the information gathered at this meeting, we will begin the process of piecing together a well thought out specialized Internet business strategy.  This strategy goes on to become the blueprint for developing your Internet business solution.

With the business analysis, the lessons we have learned from working with many of our clients, are applied to help you maximize your profit on the Internet. Our business analysis process ensures you get the site you need at a price you can afford.  Ask for your Business Analysis and contact us today!