For you, all the space you need! Advanced satellite, wireless 3G/4G & WiFi, encryption (no backdoors!), VoIp, IP Video, IPTV/VOD, Trace & Fleet Management, solutions for your global business & mobile communication needs.

We offer you our excellent portfolio of global broadband, M2M, video, voice and value added services.  You are connected everywhere, on land, at sea or in the air.


Merchant shipping, air transport, oil & gas, the media, corporations, aid agencies and governments rely on us for global and dependable satellite communications and full mobile & network encryption services.

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From the decision makers to first responders in disaster zones, our inter operable communications enable civilian and governmental departments to collaborate effectively, whether deployed at your own location, abroad, or as part of your multinational operations.

When & wherever disaster strikes, we support relief agencies with our Inmarsat BGAN and IsatPhone Pro, Iridium, and VSAT on the fly, satellite services to help bring aid and comfort to the victims.

We give you unrivalled global coverage on all global mobile and fixed satellite services, the widest portfolio of  maritime communications and the reassurance that you join a network that will be operating well into the 2024 and beyond.





On Land

EX4U Telcom delivers instant voice and high-speed data services around the globe. We help professionals work and stay in touch with all the conveniences of a mobile office in isolated areas with limited or no access to terrestrial networks.

Government organizations, first response teams and military forces can operate in areas where the telecoms infrastructure has been damaged or may never existed, while ensuring complete safety while on to move.

At Sea

Whatever your business, we have a solution for your communications requirements at sea. Based on over 25 years’ experience, our extensive and versatile portfolio will simplify day-to-day business operations: optimize vessel operations, enhance crew welfare, and boost safety on board. We can also help you comply more easily with ever-increasing regulations, stay connected to your corporate network, and trim your communications budget.


In Flight

EX4U Telecom range of aeronautical solutions enable commercial, government and business aviation operators to maintain complete control of their business and routine operations while in flight or on the ground.

With our services for cockpit and cabin communications, you can communicate all the way through your flight plan, from any altitude.



EX4U Telecom' solutions are value-added services and applications developed in-house and designed to optimize basic broadband and IP-based connectivity services on land, at sea or in flight.

Our solutions highlight our commitment to providing not only the broadest range of mobile satellite communications, but to serve as your advanced solutions provider.

Messaging Services
Versatile services to easily and securely send & receive email, fax, SMS, and videos, and surf the internet via satellite.

IP & Networking
IP-based applications providing mature and optimized solutions necessary for managing data traffic.

Prepaid Solutions
Various solutions to enable you to stay in touch with family & friends while far away from home.



Business Tools
Easy online access to administrative data such as billing, traffic information, monitoring, activation, credit watch etc..

Allows users to place calls from any landline or wireless phone to any mobile satellite terminal.

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Whether you’re on land, at sea or in flight, your business sector has unique requirements.

At EX4U Telecom, we tailor our satellite communications solutions to meet them point for point.

If you operate in remote areas, we combine a service mix to boost worker mobility, productivity and security anywhere on the planet.



Real-time voice & data communications enabling journalists to report the news and deliver live broadcasts from anywhere in the  world.




Advanced communications solutions to operate your vessel efficiently, enhance overall business operations and ensure crew morale and loyalty.




Reliable voice and email communications for safety at sea, while allowing your fishing fleets to stay in touch with other boats, home base and agents on shore.



Voice, email, Internet access and fax communications keep yacht owners and passengers in constant contact with business partners, family and friends.



Oil & Gas/Mining

Satellite communications to keep your business-critical connections up and running, increase workers’ safety, enhance on-site efficiency and help you to reduce time to oil and drilling costs.




Secure, reliable and assured communications allowing troops and personnel to respond quickly in the field while maintaining constant contact with the command center.




Instant voice communications and broadband access for NGO workers and humanitarian and relief missions setting up emergency telecoms centers and collecting data from the field.

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