YES TWO Sim works with the Global Network for GSM roaming in some 190 countries through GSM roaming agreement with more than 450 GSM operators.

1  Installation

1. Break out the YES TWO SIM Card from the plastic card.
2. Insert the SIM Card in your mobile phone.
3. Switch the phone on.
4. If you are prompted to select your location, select "Italy" when in Italy or select "USA" when in USA or select "Global" when in any other country. "*" indicates the current setting.

Note: For YES TWO Sim to function properly, your mobile phone must be SIM unlocked. 
When you purchased the phone from your mobile telecom operator, the operator may have “locked” your phone to prevent its use with other mobile operators’ SIM cards.  Consult the vendor of the mobile phone to get it unlocked.

2  Making Calls
1. Dial the number you wish to call. Use the format “+”, such as +1305xxxxxxx, and press Send.  Do not use international prefix such as 00 or 011.  (Some phones require shortcodes to be dialed in the format *…#.  If dialing “+” does not work, use "*”"#", such as *1305xxxxxxx#.) The phone will display ”Please Wait” or “Call Not Allowed”. This is normal.
2. After dialing the number, there will be a slight pause, as the YES TWO Sim service rings you back to connect your call.  Answer the call normally.
3. Wait a few seconds to be connected to the destination party.

Note: Ignore any messages the phone may display during this process.  It is normal to get error messages on the phone when making outgoing calls. It is because the SIM card is diverting the dialing commands away from the local mobile operator.  The SIM card disallows making calls on the local mobile operator; it allows only incoming calls (call back calls).

Emergency number dialing:

The GSM standard for emergency service number is 112.  This dials normally on the network (even without a SIM card in the phone), and the YES TWO Sim does not interfere with this at all. The same applies for 911 and 999 emergency numbers.

3  Receiving Calls
The YES TWO Sim number is a UK-based phone number. Give this number to anyone you wish to have call you.  The +44 UK mobile number for the SIM card is printed on the card.
Additionally you will get a USA number if you subscribe to the USA service. This is done by dialing the 160 shortcode from the mobile phone.  (Some phones require shortcodes to be dialed in the format *…#.  If dialing 160 does not work, use *160#.)  You will receive a SMS message containing the USA phone number. Please contact your agent for information about the subscription charge and call rates. Calls can be received on either the UK number or USA number at anytime in any country; however there is additional cost for receiving calls on the USA number. It does not matter which Profile is active. Please see more details on Profiles below.
If you forget the phone number, dial 133, and a message containing the phone number will be returned to your mobile phone.

4.  SMS Messages
SMS messages should be sent to either the UK number or USA number, depending on which profile is active. Outgoing SMS messages are sent from the active profile. See more on Profiles below.

5.  Checking Account Balance
Dial “187” to check your account balance. 
Dial “189” to turn on balance notification by SMS at the end of each call.
Dial “188” to turn off balance notification


6.  Recharging Your Account
Contact the agent who sold you the YES TWO  Sim to purchase additional credit.
Or you can recharge your account online if you go to your YESTWO Sim management and login with username = YES TWO Sim phone number and assword = last four digits of the YES TWO Sim PUK and select Purchase > Create Purchase.

7.  Call Records and Account Information
To see your call records and account information (such as balance and payments), go to
your YES TWO Sim management at and login with username = YES TWO Sim phone number and password = either the YES TWO Sim PIN if the PIN is not 0000 or the last four digits of the YES TWO Sim PUK if the PIN is 0000 or does not exist.  The phone number, PIN, and PUK are printed on he plastic card of the SIM.


8.  Voicemail
Voicemail is automatically enabled on your account. An inbound caller will be directed to voicemail if you do not answer within 30 seconds or if your phone is switched off. You will be sent a text message indicating the presence of each voicemail.

To retrieve voicemail, dial “121.” Your messages will play in order of last received. Voice prompts will guide you to skip, replay, save and delete messages.


To control voicemail, dial the following:
121 Access messages (plays in the order of last received)
122 Turns voicemail on
123 Turn voicemail off
125 Check settings (indicates your voicemail settings)

For setting and checking voice mail options, this will send a SMS message.  If successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS message.


9.  Forwarding Calls

Dial "102PhoneNumber" to forward calls to the specified phone number.  PhoneNumber is .  You will receive a confirmation SMS message if successful.
Dial "103" to turn off call forwarding. You will receive a confirmation SMS message if successful.


10.  Conference
Additional parties may be added to a call to have a conference call.  To add someone to a call (once you are already connected to one or more parties), dial "#*3" (you must press Send even though you are in a call already), hear a prompt for the destination number, and enter the destination number.

11.  Profiles
The SIM card has three Profiles or Roaming Services. If you are prompted to select your location when you turn on the phone, you do not need to set the profile. 
To swap between Profiles find "SIM Services" or "SIM Menu" in the phone menu. (It may be in Applications, Office Tools, Services or similar menu.) Then select "Roaming Services" and select the required profile and save it.

1. Global Roaming: Use this when in all countries except USA and Italy.
2. USA Service: Use this in USA only.
3. Prime Roaming: Use this in Italy only.
The default Profile is Global Roaming.
The outgoing Caller ID sent to the called party will be determined by whichever profile is active.

Global Roaming and Prime Roaming present the UK number as the Caller ID.
USA Service presents the USA number as the Caller ID.

12.  Troubleshooting
Cannot make calls
1. Confirm that the mobile phone is getting a network signal and is registered on the network.  If you know that mobile services exist in the area but a network is not available, it is possible that the YES TWO Sim service is not available in this country. 
Please see the YES TWO Sim FAQ section or the list of countries where the YES TWO Sim service can be used.
2. Confirm that your account has enough money to make calls.
3. Confirm that you dialed + PhoneNumber not 00 PhoneNumber. (PhoneNumber = .)
4. Confirm that the correct Profile is active.  Use USA Service in USA only, Prime Roaming in Italy only, and Global Roaming in all other countries.
5. The SIM card may be incompatible with certain mobile phones in its default mode.
There is an option for "Callback Application" in the SIM Menu. This normally has a "*" in front to show that the Application is functioning correctly. If it has a "" in place of the "*", this means that the phone does not support the special Callback Application that is loaded onto the SIM card. If you suspect that there are phone compatibility issues, then dial # after the telephone number when making a call. Do not however go into this menu and deactivate the Callback Application.

Poor voice quality
1. Ensure you have a proper signal.
2. If you have good signal, the line may be at fault, and you should hang up and redial.
If that does not resolve the problem, try changing mobile networks. Refer to the mobile phone's manual for instructions on selecting the network manually.


13.  Summary of Shortcodes
102  Turn call forwarding on (dial 102Phonenumber)
103  Turn call forwarding off
121  Retrieve voicemail
122  Turn voicemail on
123  Turn voicemail off
125  Get voicemail status
133  Get your mobile number
187  Get account balance
188  Turn off SMS balance notification
189  Turn on SMS balance notification
160  Activate USA Profile
170  Deactivate USA Profile
The short codes are the same whichever profile is active. Some phones require shortcodes to be dialed in the format *…#.  For example, if dialing 187 does not work, use *187# instead.




  International Roaming
YES ONE and YES TWO sim card users have Roaming coverage in over 800 GSM networks in more than 200 countries. YES ONE and YES TWO allows outgoing / receiving calls & SMS using your GSM phone.            With YES TWO sim card data/3G roaming is supported in selected countries.

How do I activate and use Roaming?
Before traveling, it is essential to activate Roaming with YES ONE or YES TWO Free Roaming sim cards, just insert the YES sim card into your GSM phone and register on the network (Global - Italy - USA).  Please contact us for assistance here ...

Upon arrival in the country where YES-TEL Network provides you with Roaming, your mobile will automatically select the local network with the strongest signal.  Only ensure that your mobile is in "select network manually" Network mode, so that you can choose a specif GSM network for roaming, recommended to choose either GLOBAL, ITALY (only when in Italy) or USA (only when in the USA) when roaming. Please see YES ONE and YES TWO manual for network selection instructions.

Will my mobile be provided with coverage anywhere?
YES-TEL Network has Roaming service on more than 800 networks, providing you with coverage in over 200 countries.

We recommend quad-band mobile phones with no SIM lock. Please contact us here for detailed information on your personal travel communication.

How do I select a network manually?

If your mobile struggles to pick up a signal in the country you visit, simply follow these steps to select a network, please note that the prompts might differ slightly from mobile to mobile:

   1. Using ‘Menu’ (or Menu Options)
   2. Select ‘Networks’ (or Network Selection)
   3. Accept ‘Select Net’ (or Available Networks)
   4. After your mobile has scanned the area, the screen will display the abbreviations of the networks available.
   5. Scroll to the desired network (on YES ONE: Global or Italy / on YES TWO: Global or Italy or USA) and
       accept. (or select ‘Register Now’)

   6. Your handset will then register onto the selected network.

Switch settings back to your local SIM card:

How do I select Automatic Network Mode?
   1. You can select Automatic Network
   2. Using ‘Menu’
   3. Scroll to ‘Network’
   4. Select ‘Automatic’