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When it comes to global mobile and fixed satellite communications, EX4U Telecom is your service and application provider.

We offer over versatile and reliable geostationary and low-orbit satellite networks worldwide, giving us the capability to deliver innovative 3G & 4G voice, fax, data, mobile broadband up to 492kbps, video, Voice over IP, Fleet Management, services and solutions on an unprecedented scale to every place of your choice.

Our particular clients and companies can dial into the international telephone network and send data over the Internet or VPN at any time, simply by connecting thru EX4U satellite services and applications.
They include
private customers and SOHO, delivery and trucking companies, managers, media & press, international aid workers, national governments, ship owners,
commercial airlines, banks and other financial institutions, and many others.

Providing our clients and customers with a comprehensive package of satellite products & services to reach their goals, this is what we now have defined as:

 Satellite Industries
Whether you're on land, at sea or in flight, your business sector has unique requirements. At EX4U Telecom, we tailor our satellite communications solutions to meet them point for point.

If you operate in remote areas, we can craft a service mix to boost worker mobility, productivity and security anywhere on the planet.



 Satellite Products

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                            (global coverage)                                                                                   (global coverage)                                                          (Europe, NMEA) 

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  • IsatM2M
  • SwiftBroadband
  • Swift
  • Aero L/H/H+/I

We provide and operate VSAT networks, communications infrastructure, applications, and satellite capacity around the globe.

These services are packaged with our Solutions, designed to add business value to basic connectivity, and delivered through our global teleport network five state-of-the-art satellite facilities (NOCs/HUBs) strategically positioned around the world.


Mobile Satellite Services


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