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DMR-800D Satellite Terminal
IsatM2M Satellite packet data & GPS Tracking

The DMR-800D is the latest evolution in field-proven DMR product series. The DMR-800D was built to enable new applications using the IsatM2M service and offers the technology and high reliability of its predecessor, plus zero-elevation angle performance coupled with global coverage over 5 Ocean Regions to ensure your applications have complete coverage. The DMR-800D offers the processing power and memory required for today’s complex, high value applications, including up to 25.5 byte from-terminal and 100 byte to-terminal messaging. The unit’s low power consumption is perfect for applications requiring long battery life.

The DMR-800D is the ideal solution for customers looking to track, monitor and control remote fixed and mobile assets at a low cost. This reliable terminal and network solution for two-way communication is easy to use, install and maintain. Additionally, DMR-800D offers low power modes of operation which are specifically designed to allow customers to deploy the terminal in remote unmanned locations where long battery life is critical.


Two-Way Communication

  • Report data by schedule or events, request instant GPS location, monitor status of local sensors or change device reporting intervals.

Low Message Latency

  • Enjoy immediate communication to and from the asset. No long delays.

Geofencing Capabilities

  • Identify areas of interest and program special reporting intervals based on location.

Low Power Modes

  • Hibernate and other power options allows customers to operate the device in ultra-low power modes – significantly increasing battery-life for remote monitoring applications.

Sensor Ports (Digital and Analog I/Os)

  • Monitor and control local sensors, detect power failures or report when machinery is activated.

GPS Jamming Detection Capability

  • For security applications, detect and be notified if someone is tampering with the GPS signal through the use of GPS signal jammers. Send warning message via satellite and notify the driver with alarms.

Flexible Billing Plans

  • Enjoy competitive pricing and provide more remote monitoring applications.

Customizable and Easy Programming Interface

  • Get to market faster and create unique solutions.

Over-the-Air Programming Capability

  • Make quick and easy terminal configuration changes according to shifting business needs, reduce downtime and minimize travel and labor costs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Reduce deployment and operating costs with a product that features a fully sealed and water proof enclosure.

Global Coverage Based on Inmarsat IsatM2M

  • Offer a global solution that operates over land and sea and includes automatic ocean region switching capabilities.


  • Remote fixed and mobile applications on land or sea
  • Asset tracking for fleet management
  • Driver messaging for delivery coordination
  • Remote unmanned applications such as intermodal containers, trailers or marine buoys.
  • Telemetry/ SCADA
  • Low message latency requirements

Key Product Features/ Benefits

  • Increase application responsiveness
  • Ease of integration with software applications
  • Reduced Maintenance costs
  • Low power consumption, increased battery life
  • Remote text-messaging
  • Compact and inconspicuous
  • Low latency & fast response
  • Geofencing
  • Optional GPS
  • Exception-based reports
  • Fast terminal start-up
  • Integrated Data log with remote extraction 
Technical Specifications

160mm (diameter) x 47 mm (height)
~ 500 g

  Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C

  Storage Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
 Input Voltage 9 VDC to 32 VDC   Humidity
95% Relative Humidity at +30°C non- condensing
Power Consumption (Typical @ 12VDC, 22°C ) Transmit mode: 10.5 W Tracking mode (GPS on): 1.0W Hibernate mode: 0.24mW   Dust & Water Ingress
Mating Connector Conxall Mini-Con-X® 6282-8SG-3DC
5-20 Hz; 1.92 m2/s3 random noise 20-500 Hz: -3dB octave random noise

  Shock (survival)
Half sine 6ms, 300 m/s2
Up to 192 bytes      
To-Terminal 4 alert codes + up to 100 bytes   GPS  
Channels 16 channels; 1575.42 MHz
  Acquisition Cold-start: 34s SuperSense®: -148 dBm
Rx: 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz; 32-FSK
Tx: 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz; 2-FSK
2.5 m CEP; 5.0 m SEP
9 dBW max
Elevation Angle 0 to +90 degrees
GPS jamming detection
      Programming Script encryption capability




  • RS232: console interface
  • Supports optional NMEA output
  • Password-protected access
  • 4 Software-configurable
  • input/output
  • Digital or 10-bit A/D input
  • Digital output; max sink 250mA
  • 4-20mA current detection (pin 8 only)
  Script Logic
  • 128 Actions
  • 64 Alarms
  • 64 Timers
  • 32 Data transformers
  • 4 programmable I/O lines - digital or analog
  • 128 Geofences (circular, rectangular, polygons)
  • Low Power modes with scheduled or I/O wakeups
Data Log Capacity 320kB; Up to 17,200 positions   Satellite  Inmarsat D+/IsatM2M Type Approved

  Regulatory FCC; RoHS; CE Mark (R&TTE);
Anatel: IEC/EN 60945

SM200284-BHG DMR-800D with bottom-mount connector   SM200284-SHG

DMR-800D with side-mount connector



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