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YES Secure gateway is a hardware encryptor designed for enabling secure communication between YES Secure GSMs (2G and 3G) and normal desktop phones. All communication layers for GSM, UMTS, Ethernet, PSTN and Bluetooth are embedded in the secure gateway. All the encryption and coding peripherals are designed to guarantee the most flexible, secure and powerful device for secure communication.

The usage of the encryptor is really simple. You only have to plug your normal phone and the communication line into the secure gateway. Every time you dial a number with a special prefix the call will automatically be encrypted and sent to the YES Secure GSM of the recipient.

In one device different technologies are embedded:

• encrypted communication over PSN line (normal analog landline)

• encrypted VoIP communication over the Internet using the Ethernet connection

• encrypted communication over CSD GSM line

• encrypted VoIP communication over UMTS Internet

The above mentioned features make the YES Secure gateway unique in its genre. The user is capable to communicate in a secure way with all YES Secure GSM products.

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YES Secure gateway permits the protection of communication using landline PSTN port or IP communication over the Ethernet port. The encryption is implemented into tamper proof hardware. The standard encryption algorithm is AES 256 but can be modified according to customer specific request. The encryption keys can be managed in different ways that depend on the customers' needs.

A unique key for each call can be generated by means of the elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman protocol. Making use of a pre shared key system, management of communication groups of hierarchical organizations can be achieved.

Standard configuration of the YES Secure gateway will permit secure communication between landline phones that use the PSTN line. All other functions are available as an option and can be added to satisfy all the requirements of the customer without compromising the usability.

The optional features are:

        1. Module for fax encryption Group 3

        2. Module for communication with YES Secure GSM mobile phones Module for communication with YES Secure 3G mobile phones Module for landline secure communication over IP

        3. Module for GSM/UMTS onboard communication

        4. Module for connection with a PBX

Technical specifications

        • Linux RT Operating System

        • 1 USB Host 2.0 FS (USB Type A)

        • 1 USB device 2.0 FS (USB mini)

        • 1 PSTN line (RJ11)

        • 1 SLIC Line (RJ11)

        • 1 Bluetooth Module

        • 1 GSM/ UMTS Interface

        • 1 SIM card slot

        • 1 SD card slot

Security specifications

        • AES 256 bit

        • Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve 571 bit

        • Pre-shared keys

        • Secure RNG

        • Encryption customization on request

        • Smartcard implementation on request

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