YES DATA Roaming SIM Cards 

We offer a international telephone service provisioning that offers value-added and value-enhanced managed services for making international telephone calls, both fixed line and mobile from a fixed line telephone or a mobile handset or a GSM roaming handset, through a network of resellers in countries worldwide to the end users in the resellers' respective countries or market regions an provides carrier services for call, SMS and data termination to wholesale & individual customers for A-Z destination countries. 

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Thru established wholesale carrier relationships with many telephone companies and mobile network operators worldwide we offer premium quality services for voice traffic on direct routes that are built and managed by us to ensure consistently good service quality. We are particularly known for our high quality and large capacity for handling traffic to destinations in Africa, CIS, Asia and Latin America.

offer mobile origination and mobile termination for SMS traffic in bulk at very competitive prices for large corporations and institutions.



YES DATA Service is a low-cost, reliable and convenient mobile roaming data and SMS service based on YES DATA SIM which is a 3G that works with 182 mobile networks in some 103 countries.

YES DATA is available in standard form of SIM or in the form of MicroSIM.

YES DATA Service is offered as a Prepaid Service. User buys a certain amount of credit and pays for the service according to the volume of data transfer at prices per MByte applicable to the mobile network in country where the user is using the service for emailing, browsing, files download, texting (SMS) and making/receiving voice calls with our Voice over IP for mobile phones, Laptops, Netbooks for Mobile-to-Phone or PC-to-Phone operations.

YES DATA SIM may be used with

  • iPhone and Smartphone that is compliant with Android OS and Symbian OS
  • YES DATA Dongle (pre-installed softphone) connected to a laptop or PC to make PC-to-Phone voice calls
  • YES DATA Router to provide WLAN facility for sharing the access Internet for use by multiple users

The user saves 35%-90% of the expense for data transfer that they ordinarily pay their home country mobile operator for mobile roaming data service.

Individual who travel abroad on business or leisure can now do emailing and browsing and even make/receive voice call by IP telephony without having to pay a huge bill from their home mobile operator at the end of the month.

It is an affordable mobile broadband on demand service.

It is ideal for use with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • 3G SmartPhones
  • BlackBerry (YES DATA will work with BlackBerry in the near future)
  • Laptop through the use of a USB Dongle installed with the YES DATA SIM
  • a 3G Router that is installed with the YES DATA SIM for creating an Internet access facility to be shared by a number of users.

Roaming data service with YES DATA SIM $2 or Less per MegaByte of Data Transfer in over 39 countries. See the YES DATA Rates for all countries A to Z and networks.

  YES DATA RATES, click here
  YES DATA Service in GPS and M2M Applications

Automatic vehicle locationing where the YES DATA SIM is installed in an Automatic Vehicle Locator that is attached to the vehicle to be monitored and people and animal tracking. More information click here...



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