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EX4U offers complete communication systems from VSAT earth stations toturn key satellite networks.

From the USA or Europe  we can connect you with every country in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, MiddleEast, Asia and Africa, through any VSAT satellite, such as SatMex5, Telstar 12 and Intelsat, NSS, SES, PAS. We are continuously upgrading our facilities to incorporate new satellites and services, and through terrestrial connections with associated Teleports.
Contracts with the major space segment providers permit us to offer our customers turn-key satellite communications solutions for large and small bandwidths. Internet Services equipped with OC-48 capacity. Our teleports can satisfy the most bandwidth demanding requirement for Internet and Voice Over IP services.


VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a secure and reliable medium to connect geographically dispersed locations. A VSAT is a small fixed earth station (normally 1.4 - 4.8 meters) which provides a communication link required to setup a satellite-based communication network.

The benefits of VSAT networks

Reduced Data Acquisition, Cycles, Easy Installation, Minimal Maintenance, and Secure Transmissions

Superior Availability, Single Platform for Multiple, Applications, EasyInstallation, and Supports Growth

Financial Services:
Quick Execution of Orders, Shorter Settlement Cycles, Faster CreditAuthorization, and Quick ATM Response

Supports Multiple Payment, Options, Improved Asset Management, and Additional Revenues
SCPC Stations

  SCPC allows you to target your market at a lower
  cost per month. Your program is sent on a single
  channel to receiving sites (Radio Stations,
  Streaming Providers or Satellite Radio Networks).

  In an SCPC system, user data is transmitted to the
  satellite continuously on a single satellite carrier.
  The satellite signal is received at a single location,
  in the case of a point-to-point system, or at many
  locations in a broadcast application,providing hub    
  less connectivity among multiple sites.

The benefits of SCPC networks
  • High speed access to IP networks
  • Supports true multimedia capabilities -- voice, data, fax and e-mail
  • Replacement of terrestrial circuits
  • Backup circuits for redundancy or diversity

DAMA Stations

With line connections using the normal Demand Assignment Multiple Access(DAMA), the line control station assigns the available line for each call request (dialing by a subscriber) in order of calls made, and a satellite line is established between the outgoing call station and the incoming call station.
The benefits of DAMA networks:
  • It is possible to use either a portable station or a fixed station.
  • Radio wave personnel are not required, as the VSAT substation is used.
  • High-quality digital lines ensure stable line quality.
  • Optional data transmission service is available.
  • A public network-dedicated lines connection is possible.


EX4U Telecom  offers complete communication systems from VSAT earth stations to turn key satellite networks. EX4U Telecom has agreements with most manufacturers of satellite communications equipment.


With SIP, you receive all the benefits of the regular phone line without the added cost of features. SIP devices allow you to use your regular phone to make calls using the SIP Protocol over the Internet. We provide in many countries phone numbers (DID) with Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail and Fax capabilities.

We offer all types of SIP & IPBX devices. Please visit our VoIP services further information.

Once you receive the SIP device, you simply connect the device to your internet-connected network and make phone & fax calls as you would on a regular phone.

Satellite Media Solutions

Private Satellite Television Networks

Satellite Media Solutions, will provide new media solutions such as turnkey private satellite television network solutions for business organizations, hotel & lodging, education, non-profit, and retail chains. Solution offerings will include PTN receiving equipment for rent, forward-and-store proprietary software, installation, satellite air time, and 24-hour technical help desk.

The Satellite Media platform enables advertisers and businesses to promote their products and services on television sets and electronic displays in hotels, retail stores, offices, cable companies, and high traffic areas. Programming can consist of short format full motion video ads, short info commercials, and music videos.

The Satellite Media technology provides the transport and implementation mechanism for networks of almost any size and configuration; from those based on widely dispersed, single-viewer kiosks to those that more closely resemble local area,private cable systems. The Satellite Media system is capable of distributing video in Internet Protocol (IP) format and will trigger a new level of production efficiency and content customization.
Benefits of the Satellite Media private network system include:
  • The ability to easily distribute programming unique to specific ZIP codes, demographic categories or any other criteria you choose.
  • The ability to assign specific IP addresses to each remote receiving site, and then deliver custom-tailored broadcasts to those addresses.
  • The ability to target advertising and programming with pin-point accuracy.
  • The ability to custom-design programming to match the needs of specific viewer group subsets, with minimal investment in production time and technology.
Savings in satellite segment costs due to forward-and-store technology:
  • Once content has been delivered to its destination, a client can determine how it is played back locally.
  • If a client chose to "loop" programming on a periodic basis, it will need to be sent only once; the local Satellite Media video server does the rest.
  • The ability to integrate real-time, streaming video into cached content.