Service Information Technologies

Most of the projects in EX4U Telecom have a strong component based on information technologies. More and more, enterprises requirements need a solution partially or totally bound up with the most advanced IT, thatís why EX4U Telecom, in its constant commitment for the future, spends many efforts every day to improve its IT department profile:

Definition of implantation plans:

Establishment of the tasks to follow in technical and organizational aspects to achieve the correct implantation sequence of the project.

Design of generic data models and databases:

Use of the most advanced technologies in the design and implantation of the most suitable database for project requirements.

Design and implantation of systems:

Systems are implemented in the areas of automated mapping and GIS with the most technologically advanced products in the market. We have a reputable knowledge in most of them.

Integration of systems:

The projects casuistry is as big and assorted as our clients. More and more, the management system based on the territory are not homogeneous systems, having the opportunity of using a variety of hardware and software technologies:†mobile communications, satellite positioning systems, telecontrol and telemetry. Also in many cases: The implanted GIS form an important part of corporate IS (customer, financial) in all these cases, several technologies must be integrated at different levels.

Development of applications:

Computer applications are developed with modern technologies: techniques for the collection of requirements, technical design, database design, CASE tools, etc. Our team is always contacting main manufacturers of development environment in order to get always the most updated tools.


Design and execution of training plans not only in technological aspects but also in operative ones.