Global ISATM2M Satellite Network   

     How the System works

Our service operates on a truly seamless global satellite network with total uninterrupted service. The network is superior to many others - such as mobile phones or radio - as data collection and distribution is far more secure.

Our service utilises Inmarsat I4 Satellites operating via the IsatM2M standard. It delivers an affordable and reliable direct-to-desktop information service with fast message handling and a high quality of service.

The IsatM2M is a proven satellite communication system developed to bring an affordable, global messaging and reporting system.It has one-way and two-way communication capability.

IsatM2M terminals benefit from being small, compact, lightweight and extremely easy to install. Once activated the unit is able to operate autonomously or can be controlled remotely, for example through a web-based application.

GPS (Global Positioning System) capability is integral to our satellite terminals, making them ideal for tracking applications. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is another major application area, where the terminal can be programmed to report back measurements on demand, at pre-programmed times or in response to external events.

Each asset is fitted with a satellite terminal. This communicates via a secure global satellite network to Ground Earth Stations.

At the Ground Earth Station, the radio frequency signals from the dish are converted into a digital message format and routed via a dedicated line to a Message Handling System at a centralised Data Centre. Using a secure Internet connection or dedicated lines, the user is able to send and receive messages to the remote satellite terminals from his personal computer or workstation.

The following diagram illustrates how the system operates.