IVMP  -  IP Video Management Platform 

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The IP Video Management Platform is a 100% browser-based IP video camera management platform designed for cost efficiency, scalability and ease of use.
  • IVMP is the only true browser-based IP video application
  • Runs on any IP network, and authorized users can access video locally or remotely
  • Built with Java to run on Linux (RedHat), Sun (Solaris), Mac or Windows
  • Supports any web browser (IE, Mozilla, Safari) or IP video device
  • Hardware independent
  • Edge Device - Captures Video on the Edge of your Network, which Reduces Network Traffic!
  • Progressive Pricing Plans and Subscription Options with minimal capital outlay are available
  • Our open architecture means your system can be designed to scale.
  • And, because of our Web 2.0 services model, there is no need to download software to any client PC on your network or install any third party software to view video!

VIDEO Router - Automates IP Camera Installation

VIDEO Router is the industry's only auto discovering and self-configuring router that takes the hassle out of installing IP video cameras.

    * Integrated Switch with 4 Port POE (Power Over Ethernet)
    * Up to 2 TB of storage
    * Edge Device - Reduces Network Traffic
    * Half-2U size means you can mount 2 VideoRouter units on a single
       2U rack space

With Video Router, you can deploy cameras at a faster pace, decreasing install times and lowering costs. Just install your cameras, connect Video Router to the network, then connect your cameras to the Video Router, and installation is complete!

Video Router takes all of the complexity out of installing cameras by automating such processes as setting the Username/Password on the camera, port mapping, creating the VPN tunnel, and opening the firewall for an outside connection.

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